Attorney Mark Zaid, The Superhero Fortune Teller


It is a little known fact that Mark Zaid, the Ukraine call whistleblower’s maverick attorney, has a number of superpowers. These talents go far beyond his uncanny ability to squeeze money and fame from the dead, instantly teleport to the CNN studio, and provide a never ending pseudo-legal narrative that supports President Trump’s impeachment and the justification for general Flynn’s persecution. Zaid himself, as well as his sizable fan base have compared him to hybrid of Clark Kent and James Bond.

Mark Zaid Bond
Image 1: Mark Steven Zaid and his alter egos of Clark Kent and James Bond

Mark Zaid and Princess DianaImage 2: Squeezing money and fame from the dead: Mark Zaid, the attorney of Mohamed Al-Fayed, promoting the conspiracy theory that Princess Diane was murdered because she was pregnant

But Zaid has an additional superpower that hasn’t been made public until now. It turns out that he is psychic as well. In March 13, 2017 using what can only be explained as a divination, Zaid’s partner, John N. Tye, reinstated a 4 year defunct company called Values United DBA Whistleblower Aid.

Mark Zaid Whistleblower Aid John Tye
Image 3: Mark Zaid, the founding legal partner and John Tye, the CEO of Whistleblower Aid

The Whistleblower Aid organization, which claims to be non-profit advertises these services:

Whistleblower Aid seeks to lower the barriers for courageous patriots to step forward. As a human and civil rights organization headquartered in the District of Columbia, in some cases we hope to provide clients with additional support including:

  • Media & public relations coaching
  • Dedicated, Secure Devices for clients’ use in communicating with us about their case
  • Employment claims under the Whistleblower Protection Act
  • Transition Assistance
  • Temporary rent or mortgage support and networking to help find new jobs, in case of loss of employment
  • Psycho-social counseling and treatment

The 5 star treatment they offer their clients (i.e. PR coaching, psycho-social consulting and treatment, temporary rent and mortgage support, and job placement), looks more like a luxury spa/resort service than legal aid. Even more noteworthy is their mysterious business/revenue model. For example, it’s a puzzle how a little altruistic boutique firm can provides all of these expensive services pro-bono and uses sources like GoFoundMe to finance their legal fees. How is it that they are not violating the gift prohibition to federal employee or The American Bar Association’s rules for avoiding conflicts of interest which states the following:

“lawyers may not subsidize lawsuits or administrative proceedings brought on behalf of their clients, including making or guaranteeing loans to their clients for living expenses, because to do so would encourage clients to pursue lawsuits that might not otherwise be brought and because such assistance gives lawyers too great a financial stake in the litigation.”

Whistleblower Aid -2017 Taxes
Image 4: Whistleblower Aid 2017 taxes

Since early 2017, Whistleblower Aid has already represented a number of individuals, several with a history of leaks and affinity to the Obama administration. This taken together with Evelyn Farkas’s call in late 2016 to federal agency employees to “get as much intelligence as you can”  and then publish/leak it as fast as possible, and John Brennan’s recent call for all available whistleblowers to carpe diem and step forward, suggests that we are witnessing some sort of a mystical political crystal alignment with all of the dark litigative energy emanating from Mr. Zaid and Co.

Evelyn Farkas Leaking
Video 1
: Evelyn Farkas confirming her call to collect intelligence on the Trump team and publish/leak it

John Brennan calling all whistleblowers
Image 5: John Brennan calling all whistleblower

It’s possible that all of these events and people are unrelated and that they just somehow converged. But, Occam’s Razor suggests that it’s more likely that the formation of this organization was a coordinated effort to stand-up a factory style assembly-line in order to deliver a steady supply of political hits. The timeframe for their re-activation (52 days after President Trump’s inauguration) and Zaid’s January 2017 fortune teller style proclamation that the “#coup” against president Trump has started also supports the argument that Whistleblower Aid is in fact part of the “#rebellion” and that the only real service they provide is fuel for the “#impeachment” furnace.

Mark Zaid the Coup has Started
Image 6: Mark Zaid’s proclamation that the coup against president Trump has begun

Mark Zaid
Image 7: Examples of various linkages between Mark Zaid, his anti-Trump targeted media appearances, ‘the resistance’, his on-line profile, and social network (POI-ED is a person of interest that is related to him).

Zoltar (another well known fortune teller) once said, “Lucky at cards, unlucky in love”. From analyzing Zaid’s social and professional profile (Image 7), it certainly looks like Zoltar was right on the money. But what still remains a puzzle is how does John N. Tye’s (the CEO) salary of >$200K per year balances against Whistleblower Aid’s income of about $22K? And in this vein, who has been covering their losses since their inception (over $619K USD in 2017 alone), …and why?

Some Final Words from Zoltar
Dear Mr. Zaid, Tye, and Bakaj, Whistleblower Aid’s practice of using obscurity for security like aliases to create on-line accounts, private burner phones, and email communications to store and transmit classified government secrets only works in the movies. In the real-word, every piece of classified information your clients transmit to you via your super-duper ‘dedicated secure devices’, can be easily intercepted by every hostile foreign state actor that is monitoring your traffic.

In fact, Zoltar would be positively shocked if your little aid society isn’t one of the biggest targets of foreign intelligence gathering. But, considering Mr. Zaid’s awesome psychic powers and his proclaimed cyber security expertise, I expect you to already know that.

Mark Zaid Cyber Security Keynote
Image 8
: Mark Zaid delivering keynote on cyber security

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Maine Lighthouses Near Ogunquit
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