The Biden Rat Years

The Biden Rat Years

Several MSM outlets have been challenging the validity of Tony Bobulinski’s claims regarding Joe Biden’s and his brother Jim’s involvement with Hunter’s China business activity. The latest NY Post forensic evaluation confirmed that Bobulinski’s emails are legit. But apparently, this is not good enough for propaganda outlets like CNN, NYT and WaPo which continue to challenge these emails and any claims of “family” involvement.

The following is a small sampling of documents and other digital evidence that confirms Bobulinski’s assertions. This content has been certified via traditional computer forensic techniques. It has also been authenticated with multi-source intelligence fusion methods using these sources:

  1. Hunter Biden’s official identification documents such as driver license, passport, global entry pass, birth certificate, and credit cards 
  2. A variety of Hunter Biden’s financial records, such as wire transfers and account balance statements
  3. Source documents such as notarized contracts and hand written notes
  4. Electronic communications like email and IM
  5. Voice, imagery, phone CDR and location data, network linkages, and spatiotemporal data such as travel and hotel stays
  6. Deeds and titles

ID Validation
Image 1
: Sampling of ID artifacts used to authenticate Hunter Biden

Hunter FR
Image 2
: Sampling of face recognition validation used to authenticate Hunter Biden from hundreds of proprietary images

Show me the money
Image 3
: Show me the money! Hunter pressing Mervyn Yan from CEFC for payment and the subsequent wire transfers to his account and the Chinese payment to Owasco P.C, one of Biden’s businesses

Biden Family and CEFC Contract and Wire Transfers to NY Bank
Image 4
: Biden contract with the Chinese CEFC

Dear Hunter Business is great
Image 5
: Business with China is booming: the introduction of Bobulinski, additional investment in SinoHawk (another Biden family venture), and sending warm regards to Hunter and his “family”

Income Statements
Image 6
: Accounting income summary 2013-2015. Note the phantom payments that are not accounted for and are considered by the accounting firm ‘unreported’ income

Owasco Payments
Image 7
: Sample emails showing that Burisma is leveraging Joe Biden and how payments are being funneled via Hunter’s companies but are not reported as income

Burisma strategy tied to Biden Speeches
Image 8: Burisma strategy tied to Biden Speeches

Family Emploees
Image 9
: Sampling of one of the ‘family’ accounts used by the Bidens to distribute the proceeds.  The bank account of Hudson West III LLC in Great Neck NY showing uncle Jim and aunt Sara as company employees, each with their own company issued credit card.

That's the easiest $500 million dollar you ever made
Image 10
: “That’s the easiest $500 million dollar you ever made!”. An email from Hunter’s accountant congratulating him on closing a major energy consulting contract

Access to classified Ukraine strategy minutes
Image 11
: Near realtime access to classified White House Ukraine policy meeting and the call minutes. The information was then shared with Bursima

The perks
Image 12
: Sampling of the soft perks that came with rank. Fur coats, Rolex watches, a 3.16 carat diamond, and talking business with the King of Jordan. Many of these ‘gifts’ weren’t reported to the IRS nor CBP

Hunter Biden's Sweet Rides
Image 13: Sampling of the sweet rides

References and Sourcing
3CC Desk Sharing Agreement.pdf
Burisma Resolution.pdf
Business Edition Visa Card.pdf
Cathay Bank Wire Transfer.pdf
Cowen and CEFC China Announce Strategic Partnership.pdf
SinoHawk – JV Operating Agreement 2.pdf

Hunter Biden’s Finger Lakes Tattoo
Hunter Biden’s Personal Fixer Service
How to Solicit with a Mouse Click
Hunter Biden’s Pornhub Page
The Hunter Biden Texts
Hunter Biden Laptop Images Are Authentic

What is CEFC?
CEFC China Energy Company Limited was one of the largest and most internationalized
companies in China, listed as 229th on Fortune Global 500 with over 30,000 employees. With energy, finance and international banking as its main business, the company conducted investment all over the world. It claimed to have a first class global finance and investment team. It owned multiple financial platforms such as banks, securities, and asset management and had a controlling stakes in a European bank. It invested in various high-level European companies in the areas of airlines, tourism and e-commerce. In March 2020, the company was declared bankrupt as well as its subsidiaries CEFC Shanghai International and CEFC Hainan International. The company used a complex web of affiliated entities (like the Biden companies) to facilitate fake deals, inflate trade figures and obtain bank loans to fuel its expansion.

Liu Yadong Hunter's Boss at CEFC
Image 14: Yadong Liu, the profile of CEO of CEFC and Hunter’s business partner

XRVision Sentinel AI Platform – Face recognition, image reconstruction, and object classification

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