How to Solicit with a Mouse Click

How to Solicit with a mouse click

To the “Buying Sex is a Crime” abolitionist groups, take note!  The following contains a sampling of one of many of Hunter Biden’s ‘hookups’. During this specific sessions he:

  1. Accessed and viewed his public Pornhub site with the prostitute. The site contains an image of a female family member
  2. Shared personal information with the escort about his vocation, family, and kids
  3. Perused his digital family album with the escort. The album contained images of a minor and his father Joe Biden, and other Biden family members 
  4. Bragged about participating in twosomes, threesomes and sevensomes
  5. Boasted that he himself and another man he knew had a threesome with a woman

Coordinating Pickup and Drop off
Image 1:
The logistics and coordination of one enchanted night

Robert Hunter Porn Hub-2
Image 2:
Sample content viewed during the hook up

Robert Hunter Porn Hub-3
Image 3:
Sample content viewed during the hook up

It seems that fate has a well-developed sense of irony and sardonic humor: At the beginning of Hunter’s hookup, shortly after the escort arrives to his hotel room you can hear a TV program in the background in which President Trump talks about the evils of sex trafficking and the exploitation of women.

So what is the relevance of all of this and why does the public have the right to know? Beyond the obvious issues of soliciting for prostitution (a class A misdemeanor in his location at the time) and purchasing drugs on a wholesale scale, this conduct is another confirmation of the allegations leveled against Hunter by his former wife and another female family member. But even more importantly, this and dozens of other solid evidence completely disproves Joe Biden’s assertion that the claims against Hunter are all just vicious lies.

Drugs and Prostitiuton HQ at 48 Pond St, East Haven, CT Dianna Pagano
Image 4: Linkage identifying Dianna Pagao, one Hunter’s many drugs and sex worker suppliers

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