The Smartest Guy Joe Knows

The Smartest Guy Joe Knows

In 2015-2019, in true international man of mystery style, Hunter Biden was utilizing various tradecraft techniques to evade detection by law enforcement. This included the use of pre-paid burner phones and non traceable payment methods. The stashes of cash and pre-paid gift cards were used for a variety of illegal transactions such as the purchase of hard drugs and payments for prostitutes, stripers, and on-line sex services.

To those who still believe that Hunter is just an average guy who fell on some hard times and his father wasn’t aware of it and didn’t enable him, think again. The fact is that his family members knew and even partook in his vices and crooked business dealings. Beside engaging in a perpetual roller coaster ride of crime and debauchery, Hunter regularly hooked-up with various dubious foreign characters. In one instance, a ‘close’ female friends turned out to be a Palestinian living in the US on a green card with ties to the Palestinian Erekat terror clan

Sana Faham
Image 1: “OK, Babe, I come see you tonight”. The profile of Sana Faham, Hunter Biden’s hardworking real estate agent

In another case, he hooked-up with a married woman. According to the women, Hunter made her feel “wanted and important”. But he also convinced her to give him 40% of her future divorce settlement in exchange for helping her find a high power divorce lawyer. Yes, if you didn’t already know, Hunter is a practicing attorney and a member of the bar.

I'll take 40 percent of your Settlement
Image 2
: The Biden influence racket in action. How to get 40% of someone’s legal settlement without doing any legal work. A lady friend in desperate need writes Hunter ”I remember you telling me you could help retain a top notch divorce lawyer so long as I share 40% of settlement with you.”

If the Biden family drug infestation wasn’t so destructive it could have been made into a comic TV series. On at least one occasion, during his travels and stays in high-end hotels, Hunter ‘misplaced’ a large amounts of drugs and cash which resulted in frantic searches and finger pointing within his entourage.

Can you find Hunter's crack and missing $$$
Image 3
: Help! Hunter’s stash of cocaine and cash have gone missing

Regarding the claim of a firewall between Joe Biden and Hunter’s activities. This is a complete fiction, it simply didn’t exist. The evidence shows close Biden family collaboration and regular communications using various cutout like Hunter’s mother (AKA Nana), his uncle Jim, his aunt Sara, his sister in law Liz, and others. Of note is that Hunter was using Joe Biden’s cell phone and was receiving calls and messages directed to his father. It’s unclear why Joe Biden agreed to the arrangement, perhaps he incorrectly assumed that the device was secure from his days at the White House. 

Some of the activity on that phone included:

  1. Conversations regarding the sourcing of drugs: blow, crack, Xanax, and weed
  2. Receiving text and calls addressed to “Vice President Biden”

Jeff Nussbaum let me help you help me
Image 4
: Hunter receiving texts addressed to “Vice President Biden” from Jeff Nausbaum, the speech writer of the democratic aristocracy and a reporter for The Washington Post, Politico, The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, Washington Monthly,,, and The Huffington Post. 

Image 5
: Some of the communications sent to Joe Biden’s phone used by Hunter came from Luis Freeh’s FGIS executives. Louis Freeh, is the former director of the FBI. He sits on the board of the Beau Biden Foundation

A disturbing insight into the Biden family psyche is how dysfunctional, unsupportive, and predatory Joe Biden and Jim Biden were towards their own children. In several instances, his father and his uncle distanced themselves from the children and grandchildren in order not to tarnish their reputation.

Didn't get my Probation
Image 6: A sample of the Biden’s never ending run-ins with the law. One family member’s probation was denied due to repeated offenses…but later magically approved.

Other events relating to potential child abuse, neglect, and negligence can also be found in direct communications between adult family members who discuss their drug and sex habits and confirm that the children are abandoned, neglected, and are exposed to an unsafe home environment.

Hunter getting his stuff and some chicken
Image 7: Hunter getting his “stuff” at the 711 on Greenhill, while she is buying her “chicken” from a close friend

Beyond the issues of Hunter’s inappropriate business dealing with Ukraine and China, there are some evidence of what could be involvement in human trafficking activity. In one interaction with a Ukrainian women, Hunter was working out the logistics of bringing her into the US. The purpose of her relocation was to ‘work’. The woman, named Vicky, had no professional skills and exceedingly poor English. Hunter, who was always on a lookout for damsels in distress, indicated that he was willing to help her finance the purchase of an apartment for her mother in Ukraine and pay for her move to the US. Obviously, an extremely generous gesture, but what is not so obvious is what was Hunter getting out of this investment and how/why the State Department processed Vicky’s US work visa.  

I will buy your mom an apparment
Image 8
: Trafficking 101. Hunter working on bringing a Ukrainian national to work in the US

From the wealth of evidence, It’s clear that the Biden family is full of debauched degenerates with some serious criminal, drug, sex addiction, and child abuse issues and that none of them is suited to hold public office or professional licenses of any sort. They are as corrupt as one can get without spontaneously combusting. What still puzzles me though is how propaganda outlets like NYT, WaPo, and CNN in a true RICO fashion are able to shield the Biden’s from any legal and public scrutiny. This is quite an achievement for a industry that cries day and night about infringement on the freedom of the press, when in reality, all they do is exercise the freedom to suppress the truth.

In this regard, Fox is even worse than CNN. Notwithstanding Tucker Carlson’s fairytale about the lost USB flash drive, his refusal to publish the clear evidence about Hunter’s crimes and potential child/sex abuse and Joe’s complacency in these matters amounts to dereliction of a reporters duty and even complicity in a crime.

Carlson who promotes himself as the champion of morality in politics, has miserably failed his own morality test. Instead of fighting to expose the damning evidence, his cowardly excuse for suppressing the materials was that he knew Hunter and his ex-wife (they had been neighbors) and that he couldn’t bring himself to kick a man who was down. This certainly sounds benevolent, but in reality, his failure to go public had likely more to do with collecting the proverbial 30 silver coins than biblical loving-kindness.

Flowery language and noble pretense aside, Carlson failed to act because after a short deliberation his bosses decided that publishing this content three days before the elections would have likely sunk Biden.

What will Tucker do
Image 9: Decisions, decisions, decisions

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