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  1. I am so impressed by your research on the dossier. I just discovered it today. Thank you. Also, the project for your daughter makes me smile. A world map! Nothing could be better for a child to have instantly at her fingertips. Much better than trying to understand our world on a computer screen map — though, I have been in love with the research I’m able to do on the computer.

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    • I too just discovered it and copied and copied and copied and pasted and screen shot it to everyone I know. PLEASE if you can, send it to Trump or Guiliani. I stumbled upon your work tracking down something George Webb said in a tedious intolerably long video. He is on the right track but your dossier work blows ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I’ve been able to find out of the water – drained the ocean it has. SHOCKINGLY off the charts research.


  2. Dear Yaacov,
    I come via a Clarice F. article at American thinker. Many thanks for your document. Doubtless, untold hours away from time with the troops.
    All mu best and God bless,


  3. A Phenomenal Job on the anti-Trump Cabal behind the Dossier Yaacov! I am interested in the Trump Tower setup operation by the 0bama administration. Here are some additional twitter links you may find useful on the Trump Tower Meeting:


  4. Many thanks for your remarkably detailed, illuminating analysis of the (“Steele”?) dossier. I would urge you to read carefully what my colleague Diana West has written about Nellie Ohr’s “ideological” bent https://spectator.org/nellie-ohr-woman-in-the-middle/ & a brief comparison of Trump–& his antagonists (putschists)– attitudes toward Communism I posted yesterday. https://www.andrewbostom.org/2018/08/staunch-anti-communist-donald-trump-vs-communist-sympathizing-anti-trump-putschists-brennan-nellie-ohr-steele-comey/


    • Yes, I did read her analysis while back. It’s very detailed and interesting. The Stalinist sympathizer syndrome was a big thing in the fifties-seventies. So I’t likely that Nellie Ohr who was trained in this time period would not have been immune to its effects. Dealing with Soviet history is one of those book of Job problems, how do you reconcile communism with all this human suffering, injustice, and the massive loss of innocent life?

      Just by way of an anecdote, there is a Kibbutz in Israel called Gan Shmuel. It was funded by anarcho-Marxists in 1913 (4 years before the red revolution). Believe it or not, they kept a statue of Stalin in the communal dining room as late as the early seventies. They canceled the Purim celebrations when Stalin collapsed on March 1, 1953 and mourned him for a week when he finally died a four days later. Despite being fully aware of the Russian communist atrocities during and after the war and the state-sponsored antisemitism, most members still viewed Stalin with awe and held him to be the leader of the world “peace camp”.

      The party paper called “Al HaMishmar”(On the Guard) presented this view of the Stalinist government ideal:

      kibbutzim should be run as collective enterprises. Internally practice limited but active democracy, with elections held for all kibbutz functions and full participation in national elections in which the members must vote along with the lines of the kibbutz movement ideology. Jewish religious practices should be discouraged because they are not aligned with the objectives of the “new socialist person”. The movement was almost entirely based on the personality cult of Stalin of whom they called in Hebrew, Shemesh HaAmim “The Sun of the Nations”.

      Interestingly, this little utopian haven was the source of the largest Syrian espionage and sabotage ringnetwork in the history of Israel and was also tied to several KGB spies including 2 government ministers. A lot of the writings that came out of their media publishing arm had a very similar sentiments about Stalin as Nellie’s work (it’s also echoed by many other authors like in Bracht in his Caucasian Chalk Circle).

      The following were some of their apologetic themes:

      1. The purge of millions of people was justified because of their potential threat to the revolution
      2. The life in the Kolkhoz was ‘idyllic’ and was isolated from the savage politics of greater Russia
      3. Without Stalin’s push for top-to-bottom industrialization, Russia would still be a peasant society
      4. The hardship of the many under the role of the proletariate is preferable to the luxury of the few under bourgeois democratic capitalism

      Motives and ideological drivers are a very difficult subject to analyze and understand. This is one reason why I deliberately stayed away from making observations about ideology because this would have been speculative and tangential. Besides, I know very little on the subject :-)


  5. Yaacov, a fun thing to do with a World map. Have your daughter close her eyes and put her finger on any spot. Then make a dish from that country. I used to go so far as to make the dining room look like that country. So much fun it was. Also your work is amazing I have dubbed them “The Dossier Players ” Shared this everywhere, I did.


  6. Your work is Amazing. Thanks for sharing. I think you may find this
    site informative (in detail) & interesting. Enjoy.

    Guccifer 2.0: Game Over


    1. Introduction
    2. Timeline – What Happened & When Did It Happen
    3. Guccifer2.0’s Claims Debunked & Discredited
    4. 3rd Party Assessments – Assumptions & Conjecture vs Evidence & Facts
    5. Actions, Consequences & Convenience For Anti-Leak Narratives
    6. Rushing To Be Russian – The Donkey In A Bear Costume Made A Mistake
    7. Language & Text Analysis
    8. Recognizing Intent From Deceptions
    9. With Motive & Means – Those More Likely Linked to G2 than Russians


  7. 8kun sent it to me. Whoever you are. Thank you. I’m blown away by the thorough research and information you share with others. This is beyond impressive. I will enjoy learning here.


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