The Smartest Guy Joe Knows

The Smartest Guy Joe Knows

In 2015-2019, in true international man of mystery style, Hunter Biden was utilizing various tradecraft techniques to evade detection by law enforcement. This included the use of pre-paid burner phones and non traceable payment methods. The stashes of cash and pre-paid gift cards were used for a variety of illegal transactions such as the purchase of hard drugs and payments for prostitutes, stripers, and on-line sex services.

To those who still believe that Hunter is just an average guy who fell on some hard times and his father wasn’t aware of it and didn’t enable him, think again. The fact is that his family members knew and even partook in his vices and crooked business dealings. Beside engaging in a perpetual roller coaster ride of crime and debauchery, Hunter regularly hooked-up with various dubious foreign characters. In one instance, a ‘close’ female friends turned out to be a Palestinian living in the US on a green card with ties to the Palestinian Erekat terror clan

Sana Faham
Image 1: “OK, Babe, I come see you tonight”. The profile of Sana Faham, Hunter Biden’s hardworking real estate agent

In another case, he hooked-up with a married woman. According to the women, Hunter made her feel “wanted and important”. But he also convinced her to give him 40% of her future divorce settlement in exchange for helping her find a high power divorce lawyer. Yes, if you didn’t already know, Hunter is a practicing attorney and a member of the bar.

I'll take 40 percent of your Settlement
Image 2
: The Biden influence racket in action. How to get 40% of someone’s legal settlement without doing any legal work. A lady friend in desperate need writes Hunter ”I remember you telling me you could help retain a top notch divorce lawyer so long as I share 40% of settlement with you.”

If the Biden family drug infestation wasn’t so destructive it could have been made into a comic TV series. On at least one occasion, during his travels and stays in high-end hotels, Hunter ‘misplaced’ a large amounts of drugs and cash which resulted in frantic searches and finger pointing within his entourage.

Can you find Hunter's crack and missing $$$
Image 3
: Help! Hunter’s stash of cocaine and cash have gone missing

Regarding the claim of a firewall between Joe Biden and Hunter’s activities. This is a complete fiction, it simply didn’t exist. The evidence shows close Biden family collaboration and regular communications using various cutout like Hunter’s mother (AKA Nana), his uncle Jim, his aunt Sara, his sister in law Liz, and others. Of note is that Hunter was using Joe Biden’s cell phone and was receiving calls and messages directed to his father. It’s unclear why Joe Biden agreed to the arrangement, perhaps he incorrectly assumed that the device was secure from his days at the White House. 

Some of the activity on that phone included:

  1. Conversations regarding the sourcing of drugs: blow, crack, Xanax, and weed
  2. Receiving text and calls addressed to “Vice President Biden”

Jeff Nussbaum let me help you help me
Image 4
: Hunter receiving texts addressed to “Vice President Biden” from Jeff Nausbaum, the speech writer of the democratic aristocracy and a reporter for The Washington Post, Politico, The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, Washington Monthly,,, and The Huffington Post. 

Image 5
: Some of the communications sent to Joe Biden’s phone used by Hunter came from Luis Freeh’s FGIS executives. Louis Freeh, is the former director of the FBI. He sits on the board of the Beau Biden Foundation

A disturbing insight into the Biden family psyche is how dysfunctional, unsupportive, and predatory Joe Biden and Jim Biden were towards their own children. In several instances, his father and his uncle distanced themselves from the children and grandchildren in order not to tarnish their reputation.

Didn't get my Probation
Image 6: A sample of the Biden’s never ending run-ins with the law. One family member’s probation was denied due to repeated offenses…but later magically approved.

Other events relating to potential child abuse, neglect, and negligence can also be found in direct communications between adult family members who discuss their drug and sex habits and confirm that the children are abandoned, neglected, and are exposed to an unsafe home environment.

Hunter getting his stuff and some chicken
Image 7: Hunter getting his “stuff” at the 711 on Greenhill, while she is buying her “chicken” from a close friend

Beyond the issues of Hunter’s inappropriate business dealing with Ukraine and China, there are some evidence of what could be involvement in human trafficking activity. In one interaction with a Ukrainian women, Hunter was working out the logistics of bringing her into the US. The purpose of her relocation was to ‘work’. The woman, named Vicky, had no professional skills and exceedingly poor English. Hunter, who was always on a lookout for damsels in distress, indicated that he was willing to help her finance the purchase of an apartment for her mother in Ukraine and pay for her move to the US. Obviously, an extremely generous gesture, but what is not so obvious is what was Hunter getting out of this investment and how/why the State Department processed Vicky’s US work visa.  

I will buy your mom an apparment
Image 8
: Trafficking 101. Hunter working on bringing a Ukrainian national to work in the US

From the wealth of evidence, It’s clear that the Biden family is full of debauched degenerates with some serious criminal, drug, sex addiction, and child abuse issues and that none of them is suited to hold public office or professional licenses of any sort. They are as corrupt as one can get without spontaneously combusting. What still puzzles me though is how propaganda outlets like NYT, WaPo, and CNN in a true RICO fashion are able to shield the Biden’s from any legal and public scrutiny. This is quite an achievement for a industry that cries day and night about infringement on the freedom of the press, when in reality, all they do is exercise the freedom to suppress the truth.

In this regard, Fox is even worse than CNN. Notwithstanding Tucker Carlson’s fairytale about the lost USB flash drive, his refusal to publish the clear evidence about Hunter’s crimes and potential child/sex abuse and Joe’s complacency in these matters amounts to dereliction of a reporters duty and even complicity in a crime.

Carlson who promotes himself as the champion of morality in politics, has miserably failed his own morality test. Instead of fighting to expose the damning evidence, his cowardly excuse for suppressing the materials was that he knew Hunter and his ex-wife (they had been neighbors) and that he couldn’t bring himself to kick a man who was down. This certainly sounds benevolent, but in reality, his failure to go public had likely more to do with collecting the proverbial 30 silver coins than biblical loving-kindness.

Flowery language and noble pretense aside, Carlson failed to act because after a short deliberation his bosses decided that publishing this content three days before the elections would have likely sunk Biden.

What will Tucker do
Image 9: Decisions, decisions, decisions

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Hunter Biden Laptop Images Are Authentic
50 former intelligence officials warn NY Post story sounds like Russian disinformation – The Hill
Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say – Politico

Copyright 2020 Yaacov Apelbaum, All Rights Reserved.

Murder, She Wrote?

Murder and Mystery in Sag Harbor

A few years ago, I was helping our daughter with some research about the location of the Telefunken wireless station. This site played a key role in the US entry into WWI when it relayed Berlin’s attack orders to the German submarine fleet in the Atlantic to sink the Lusitania. Two years later, in 1917, the station transmitted the Zimmerman Telegram.

As we were browsing the archives, I fell upon an article from 1908 about a tragic death in a nearby town. The story revolved around James Nelson, a 24 year old Sag Harbor resident and his young bride, one Florence Howard. At the time of Nelson’s passing, the two were only married for about 10 months.

James Nelson is Dead 3-12-1908 Clip
Image 1: The 1908 announcement of the untimely passing of James B. Nelson of Sag Harbor

As we continued to review the articles, I stumbled upon another announcement, this time regarding the untimely passing of William Holtz, another young man. Oddly, his wife was identified as Florence V. Nelson also the daughter of William G Howard from Sag Harbor. This union too was short lived. William Holtz died less than 4 months after the wedding.

William Holtz is Dead 3-2-1911 Clip
Image 2: The 1911 announcement of the untimely passing of William F. Holtz of Sag Harbor

I remember thinking, what are the odds? Two Florence Vs from Sag Harbor, both burying two young husbands within the span of three years, with each marriage lasting less than 12 months and the cause of death in both cases having something to do with abdominal ailments?

The stories weren’t relevant to the project, so I just archived them. Recently however, I was doing some digital house cleaning and I found the old articles. I re-read them and got the idea, why not use technology to get some insight?

Traditionally, crime research is time consuming and tedious as it requires collecting, creating and reviewing forensic reports, intel sources, and witnesses which can be difficult if not impossible to locate a century later. In a criminal investigation, the first 48 hours can be crucial in solving a case. This is because the witnesses and evidence are fresh and the conditions are favorable to the detectives. Based on these factors, looking at a 110 year old potential crime without any physical evidence seemed like a losing proposition. However, despite these challenges, there could still be a way to shed some light on this story. Using AI based image analytics, linkage analysis, Big Data analytics and OSINT gathering techniques, could help tease out information from the sparse sources and help answer at least a few questions. 

The Search Strategy
Due to the scarce and obscure nature of the information I was looking for (all main actors and witness are long dead), my primary search focus was on period newspapers and census data. The approach was to:

  • Download all regional newspaper archives
  • Perform an AI based image enhancement and OCR on all of the pages
  • Perform face enrolment and face recognition and other types of image object classifications (like houses, cars, jewelry, etc.)
  • Run complex data and image queries to scrape names, events, addresses, aliases and related images
  • Create a timeline of people, places, and events

After the textual and visual information was harvested, I then constructed a dossier for each actor, their social and professional network, their theater of operations, and timeline of events. The final step was to look for anomalies such as inconsistent names and dates.

Portrait Florance Valentine Holtz Portrait Florence Hotz-2 Portrait Isabel Quackenbush
Image 3
: Sample of scraped facial images used in building the individual dossiers

FR Florance Valentine Holtz 3D FR William Garret Howard 3D 
Image 4
: Sample of face reconstruction used in POI searches

William Howard House in Sag Harbor
Image 5
: Sample geospatial data used to establish linkages and conduct real-estate searches

The Plot
William Garrett Howard was a local photographer in Sag Harbor, Long Island, NY. By 1915, he had lived there for 34 years. He was described as having a “powerful physique” and was well known and active in the community. Howard lived with his daughter Florence Nelson, and was sometimes visited by his wife, Anna, who for some unknown reason had left the village and moved to Bridgeport Connecticut. In addition to this day job, William was a volunteer with the local fire department, sometimes acting as the treasurer and chief. He was known as a skirt-chaser and somewhat of a dandy. He also apparently had sticky fingers. At least on once occasion, he ‘borrowed’ $247 from the funds of the Sag Harbor Fire Department in order to pay his personal debts.

1900 William Howard Photographer
Image 6
: 1900, William Howard, Sag Harbor photographer

In 1904, William’s daughter, Florence Howard (20), was to be married to one Henry Bescher, however, shortly after placing the marriage announcement in the local newspaper, her father halted the union. 

Practical joke
Image 7
: 1904, Marriage announcement was a practical joke

The notice retraction claims that the marriage announcement was a practical joke by some unknown people.   

A8  12-8-1904 Florence Henry Beshcher Clip
Image 8
: 1904, marriage notice for Florence Howard and Henry Beshcher

Four years later, Florence married James B. Nelson. 

A9  5-30-1907 Florence Marries Nelson Clip
Image 9
: 1907 Florence Howard marries James Nelson

Steamer Nantasket Steamer Manhasset
Image 10
: 1908, James Nelson served as a mate on the steamers Nantasket and Manhasset

Nelson was described as a large man with an athletic build who worked as a mate on two steamer boats. In 1908, about seven months after their marriage, Nelson was stricken with severe stomach pains that became progressively worse and eventually caused his death.

A10  3-12-1908 James Nelson is Dead Clip
Image 11
: 1908, James Nelson, Florence’s first husband death announcement 

Three years later, in 1911, Florence married her second husband William P. Holtz (36). This was Mr. Holtz’s second marriage (the first was to one Flossie Roberts). Holtz was described as a “strong built rugged man” who worked in the local watchcase factory and subsequently bought a carting business. Fifty eight days after their wedding, Mr. Holtz died. He too inexplicably started experiencing violent stomach pains before passing away.

The Fahys Watchcase Factory in Sag Harbor late 1880s
Image 12: The Fahys watchcase factory, William Holtz’s place of employment

A11  3-2-1911 William Holtz is Dead Clip
Image 13
: 1911 Death announcement of William Holtz, Florence’s second husband  

After the death of her second husband, Florence moved back in with her father. She was described as a “tall woman of erect carriage” and “robust.” She had grown up in Sag Harbor, attended local schools, participated in the local theater, received decent grades, was active in church, and had several close female friends in the village. However, a few people referred to her as a “man-hater.”

Shorty after returning to her father’s home, she linked-up with one Isabelle Quackenbush. Isabelle was also a native resident of Sag Harbor and a widow. According to the newspaper, Quackenbush spent most of her time in the Howard home with Florence and the two became inseparable. At the time, Florence was working as an agent selling tea and coffee and supplemented her income by doing laundry for neighbors and friends.

In April of 1915, William Howard (Florence’s father), suddenly developed violent stomach cramps and his condition deteriorated quickly. He was taken to Southampton Hospital for treatment. During his stay there, his attending physicians received an anonymous warning letter. The letter was written in pencil and the script was described as being written by a “feminine hand.” It was composed by an educated person, sent from out of state (likely as a anonymizing precaution), and only signed with the initial “M.”

Part of the letter stated:

“I had information yesterday that compelled me to write you. If you want to cure him or save him a slow death, then you better have him taken away from home immediately. If necessary show him this. Do anything to save his life. This is no idle gossip or talk. That is all I can say.”

The doctor forwarded the letter to the Suffolk County District Attorney, Ralph C. Greene, who sprung into undercover action. Apparently, Greene also had been warned of the situation in the Howard household by other sources: Howard’s own brother Theodore (The Greenport chief of police) and father and Ms. Nelson’s grandfather, Garrett Howard Sr. of Greenport. Howard Sr. insisted that should his son William die, an autopsy be preformed under the suspicion of murder.

While in the hospital, William Howard was getting well. His stomach pains went away and thankfully, he recovered rapidly. He was then sent home with a recommendation to retain a private nurse that would care for him. Green, the district attorney, used this opportunity to hire a Brooklyn nurse to masquerade as “Miss Mattie Clark” unbeknownst to any of the family members. She was placed in the home of William Howard to watch over him and conduct surveillance for any suspicious activity.

It didn’t take long. As soon as Mr. Howard returned home, his stomach troubles mysteriously returned his face turned green and he died shortly thereafter.  District Attorney Greene refused to reveal what his agent, Miss Clark, had reported to him. The newspapers stated that the death of Mr. Howard was being investigated as a potential poisoning.

The press made some references an empty box of “Rough on Rats”, a popular late 19th century rat poison which was found in the house. The product was composed of arsenic and was a a favorite of the suicide and murder crowds. Despite the hype, Green’s investigation failed to yield any charges. The DA couldn’t find any financial motives for murder. Howard wasn’t a wealthy man nor did he have a significant life insurance policy. Florence didn’t benefit financially from his death, nor from the death of either of her two husbands so foul play was ruled out.

Rough on Rats
Image 14
: Rough on Rats

The media reported that there was possibly an alternate motive in the report that Miss Clark  might have submitted to Greene however that apparently wasn’t enough for a criminal case. At the autopsy, the medical examiner failed to find arsenic in Mr. Howard’s stomach. He also tested for 26 other poisons but all tests came back negative. 

According to the newspapers, Florence Nelson left Sag Harbor after the investigation ended and moved to Bridgeport to live with her mother Anna. That should have been the end of the story, but NO! This is where the plot thickens.

In 1920, five years after the death of her father, Florence started calling herself Florence “Holtz” instead of “Nelson” and was now living in Brooklyn with none other than Isabella Quackenbush and her two teenage sons. In the 1920 census, their relationship was described as “partners”.

The 1930 census report shows the two women still living together, however in the 10 years that had passed, the two were now described as sisters and Isabella Quackenbush had a new last name—Nischwihup. Conspicuously absent from the listing was Mr. Nischwihup. Mrs. Nischwihup (actually Isabella Quackenbush) was listed as “widowed”.

By 1939, Florence separated from Nischwihup/Quackenbush and was spending the summers in Three Mile Harbor with one Helen S. McAvoy (her niece). In 1945, she retired from her sales position with the Brooklyn Union Gas Company and permanently retired to the island. She died in 1949. 

Brooklyn Union Gas Company
Image 15
: Florence’s place of employment for 25 years: the showroom of the Brooklyn Union Gas Company

So, did Ms. Nelson get away with multiple murders? Were Florence and Isabella romantically involved and a duo of femme fatales? Both Florence and Isabella had engaged in various evasive maneuvers such as changing their ages and names. They also outright lied about the nature of their relationship as being “sisters” (It’s a federal crime to  provide false information on the census).

Scanning for unusual marriage patterns in this time period and area, the analytics were able to flag several anomalies. One example was of a women who was married for 12 years to a man who after his sudden death (another possible poisoning) turned out to be a women.

Widow of Women Weds Again
Image 16: 1903, A “Widow” of a woman weds again

Florence’s and Isabelle’s evasiveness could be explained as an attempt to avoid the stigma that came out of DA Greene’s investigation, but it could also indicate a more nefarious reason. It’s hard to tell with certainty without exhumation and extensive toxicology tests, something that is unlikely to happen any time soon.

A1  6-25-1896 Florence School
Image 17: 1896, Florence Howard’s school graduation notice

A2  1-14-1897 William Howard Fire Department Meeting Clip
Image 18: 1897 William Howard Sag Harbor fire department business notice

A3  2-11-1897 William Howard Deputy Fire Chief Clip
Image 19
: 1897 William Howard Sag Harbor fire department officer selection notice

A6  8-28-1898 Isabella and William H Quackenbush Marriage Clip
Image 20
: 1898, Isabella and William H Quackenbush marriage notice

A7  3-23-1903 William Howard Officer Fire Department 4-23-1903 Clip
Image 21
: 1903, William Howard appointed treasurer of Phoenix Hook and Ladder company Sag Harbor

A12  12-10-1913 William Howard Feeling Better Clip
Image 22
: 1914, William Howard got sick but is feeling better announcement

A13  4-15-1915 William Howard Fire Department Treasurer Clip
Image 23
: 1914, William Howard elected as the Sag Harbor fire department treasurer

A16  6-10-1915 William Howard Funural Clip

Image 24: 1915, William Howard’s death notice

A14  6-1-1915 William Howard Died as Predicted in Letter Clip
Image 25
: 1915, William Howard’s fatal illness being investigated by DA Greene

A18  6-12 1915 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Saturday
Image 26
: 1915, DA Greene is seeking mystery letter writer – Source 1

A21  6-12-1915 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Seek Letter Writer Clip
Image 27: 1915, DA Greene is seeking mystery letter writer – Source 2

A19  6-12-1915 Dies as Note Predicted
Image 28: 1915, William Howard dies as predicted

A23  6-13-1915 The Sun Sunday
Image 29
: 1915, DA Greene looking for the female informant

A25  6-14-1915 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Monday  Report
Image 30
: 1915, Nasty letters being sent to Florence Holtz

A17  6-11-1915 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Friday Detail
Image 31
: 1915, Did William Howard die from a heart problem or from poison?

A28  6-16-1915 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Wednesday Results
Image 32
: 1915, The vindicated Mrs. Holtz

A27  6-15-1915 William Howard Cause of Death Clip
Image 33: 1915, William Howard reported as having died from natural causes

A22  6-12-1920 Isabel Qauancenbush and Florence Holtz At a Social Event in Brooklyn NY Clip
Image 34
: 1920 Isabella Quackenbush and Florence Holtz at a social event in Brooklyn, NY

A26  6-8-1923 Florence Holtz and W.B. Quackenbush With Friends Clip
Image 35
: 1923, Florence Holtz and W.B. Quackenbush with friends

A29  6-16-1949 Florence Holtz Death Clip
Image 36
: 1949, Florence Holtz’ death notice

A30  6-16-1949 Helen S. McAvoy Bereavement Clip
Image 37: 1949, Helen McAvoy’s notice regarding the passing of her aunt

A31  7-28-1956 Isabel Quackenbush Death Clip
Image 38
: 1956, Isabel Quackenbush’s death notice

1900 US Census
Image 39
: 1900 US census

1910 US Census
Image 40
: 1910 US census

1915 US Census
Image 41
: 1915 US census

1920 US Census
Image 42
: 1910 US census

1930 US Census
Image 43
: 1930 US census

References and Sourcing
XRVision Sentinel AI Platform – Face recognition, image reconstruction, and object classification

Sag Harbor Cemetery

Florence Valentine Howard
AKA: Florence Valentine Howard, Florence Valentine Howard, Florence Valentine Nelson, and Florence Valentine Holtz
Born: 9/16/1884
Died: 6/10/1949 (65)
Mother: Anna
Father: William Garret Howard

Florence Family Events
1895 – Death of a sibling
1/3/1904 – Florence (20) to be married to Henry Bescher – event canceled and called a hoax
5/22/1907 – Florence (24) marries James Nelson (24) he dies 3/1/1908 COD  – Cholecystitis
12/23/1910 – Florence (27) marries William Holtz (36) dies 2/27/1911 COD – Bleeding ulcers
12/23/19150 – William Howard (55) dies COD – dropsy heart failure

Isabella Bramble Sandison
AKA: Isabella Bramble Sandison, Isabel Quackenbush, Isabel Nischwihup
Born: 4/26/1880 Scotland
Died: 7/28/1956 (76)
Mother: Isabella Gertrude Bramble
Father: James A. Sandison

Isabella Family Events
Married William H. Quackenbush (Rhode Hall N.J) 7-25-1898
1920-1930 Remarries to Mr. Nischwihup
1930 Widow of Mr. Nischwihup

1915 Census
Howard Anna 52 – House Wife
Holtz Florence 31 – House Work
Isabel Quackenbush 35 – Dress Maker
William Quackenbush 10 – School
James Quackenbush 14 – School

1920 Census
Holtz Florence 35 (should be 36) – Clerk
Isabel Quackenbush 38 (should be 40) – Clerk
Son 1: James Quackenbush 19 – USN
Son 2: William Quackenbush 15 – Clerk office

Helen S. McAvoy
Florence’s niece Helen S. McAvoy (born circa 1912) and brother? Louis McAvoy
Related to Everett Osborne
Also niece of Nathan Collum

Long Island Surnames – The Family of William H Quackenbush and Isabella Bramble Sandison

Copyright 2020 Yaacov Apelbaum, All Rights Reserved.

From Russia with Love

From Russia with love

In 2018, Hunter Biden spent hours and thousands of dollars on two-way video sex chats. Some of these were with Russian girls. The two way video included a full view of his face and him masturbating. In addition to the virtual sex, while traveling, Hunter also hired Russian strippers and prostitutes. In one such encounter, when visiting the ‘body shop’ club, one of the Russian strippers stole his $8.5K Gucci jacket.

I'm Working
Image 1
: Chatting with one of the ladies

My stolen 8K Gucci Jacket
Image 2
: Hunter’s $8.5K Gucci bomber jacket has gone missing

In second incident, while he passed out on drugs, the escort used his laptop to transfer over 20K from his bank account. That same laptop contained the names, phone numbers, email addresses (both government and private) of White House and senior federal officials such as President Barack Obama.  

Send you love and money to Russia
Image 3: Kristina and Rimma two Russians working girls looking for their payment

In a third incident, he was forced to make payments to two girls in Russia. The payment was for a threesome encounter and wasn’t related to his regular use of video sex chat.

Oxana Russki Where is my Money
Image 4
: Oxana Russki, a trafficked Russian sex worker texting Hunter looking for her missing payment

On October 1, 2018, Hunter participated in an orgy in LA. Present at the rented villa were several Russian prostitutes; at least one of them had what appears to be a sex slave branding tattoo. There were also several Russian males at the house that had what appears to be Russian organized crime tattoos. One female who transported the guests and stayed in the house was affiliated with a US defense contractor that develops C4I systems for the DoD.

The West Hollywood Russia Party
Image 5: One of Hunter’s Russian parties. This event in this composite took place in Bevery Hills and included girls, drugs, rivers of vodka, and plenty of compromising images of Hunter in action. Four days later, on October 5, he participated in a similar event in Malibu

West Hollywood Party Object Validation
Image 6
: Object, entity, and location confirmation for Hunter Biden October 1, 2018 event

If you think that this is so outrageous that even Tom Clancy on a ton of Ritalin couldn’t make this stuff up, you are correct. The few events mentioned here are just a sampling of Hunter’s never-ending Russian sex and drug marathons. If we consider the fact that everyone knew who he was, that he was a high value intelligence target, and the close links between Russian organized crime and FSB/GRU, it’s almost certain that he and his family were under constant foreign surveillance. Based on the material evidence, it’s highly likely that Hunter was compromised as early as mid 2015 when he started having sex with a female family member and got her addicted to crack cocaine. 

So, keeping all of this in mind, when incompetent political hacks like John Brannon, Leon Panetta, Jim Clapper, and Mike Hayden signed a letter stating that the Hunter laptop is a Russian influence operation, they really misspoke. What they should have said was that the Russians have successfully evaded US counter intelligence for several years while compromising the Biden family and were now in a position to control Joe Biden if he got elected.

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Justine Coleman from The Hill is A Manipulative Media Hack
Hunter Biden Laptop Images Are Authentic
50 former intelligence officials warn NY Post story sounds like Russian disinformation – The Hill
Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say – Politico
Image 7
: Sample screenshot showing Hunter accessing a secure content. His password was the name of his favorite man’s clothing store in Beverly Hills. Hunter kept his passwords and other classified and sensitive information in unprotected notes and text files on multiple devices.

Copyright 2020 Yaacov Apelbaum, All Rights Reserved.

The Biden Rat Years

The Biden Rat Years

Several MSM outlets have been challenging the validity of Tony Bobulinski’s claims regarding Joe Biden’s and his brother Jim’s involvement with Hunter’s China business activity. The latest NY Post forensic evaluation confirmed that Bobulinski’s emails are legit. But apparently, this is not good enough for propaganda outlets like CNN, NYT and WaPo which continue to challenge these emails and any claims of “family” involvement.

The following is a small sampling of documents and other digital evidence that confirms Bobulinski’s assertions. This content has been certified via traditional computer forensic techniques. It has also been authenticated with multi-source intelligence fusion methods using these sources:

  1. Hunter Biden’s official identification documents such as driver license, passport, global entry pass, birth certificate, and credit cards 
  2. A variety of Hunter Biden’s financial records, such as wire transfers and account balance statements
  3. Source documents such as notarized contracts and hand written notes
  4. Electronic communications like email and IM
  5. Voice, imagery, phone CDR and location data, network linkages, and spatiotemporal data such as travel and hotel stays
  6. Deeds and titles

ID Validation
Image 1
: Sampling of ID artifacts used to authenticate Hunter Biden

Hunter FR
Image 2
: Sampling of face recognition validation used to authenticate Hunter Biden from hundreds of proprietary images

Show me the money
Image 3
: Show me the money! Hunter pressing Mervyn Yan from CEFC for payment and the subsequent wire transfers to his account and the Chinese payment to Owasco P.C, one of Biden’s businesses

Biden Family and CEFC Contract and Wire Transfers to NY Bank
Image 4
: Biden contract with the Chinese CEFC

Dear Hunter Business is great
Image 5
: Business with China is booming: the introduction of Bobulinski, additional investment in SinoHawk (another Biden family venture), and sending warm regards to Hunter and his “family”

Income Statements
Image 6
: Accounting income summary 2013-2015. Note the phantom payments that are not accounted for and are considered by the accounting firm ‘unreported’ income

Owasco Payments
Image 7
: Sample emails showing that Burisma is leveraging Joe Biden and how payments are being funneled via Hunter’s companies but are not reported as income

Burisma strategy tied to Biden Speeches
Image 8: Burisma strategy tied to Biden Speeches

Family Emploees
Image 9
: Sampling of one of the ‘family’ accounts used by the Bidens to distribute the proceeds.  The bank account of Hudson West III LLC in Great Neck NY showing uncle Jim and aunt Sara as company employees, each with their own company issued credit card.

That's the easiest $500 million dollar you ever made
Image 10
: “That’s the easiest $500 million dollar you ever made!”. An email from Hunter’s accountant congratulating him on closing a major energy consulting contract

Access to classified Ukraine strategy minutes
Image 11
: Near realtime access to classified White House Ukraine policy meeting and the call minutes. The information was then shared with Bursima

The perks
Image 12
: Sampling of the soft perks that came with rank. Fur coats, Rolex watches, a 3.16 carat diamond, and talking business with the King of Jordan. Many of these ‘gifts’ weren’t reported to the IRS nor CBP

Hunter Biden's Sweet Rides
Image 13: Sampling of the sweet rides

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Hunter Biden’s Finger Lakes Tattoo
Hunter Biden’s Personal Fixer Service
How to Solicit with a Mouse Click
Hunter Biden’s Pornhub Page
The Hunter Biden Texts
Hunter Biden Laptop Images Are Authentic

What is CEFC?
CEFC China Energy Company Limited was one of the largest and most internationalized
companies in China, listed as 229th on Fortune Global 500 with over 30,000 employees. With energy, finance and international banking as its main business, the company conducted investment all over the world. It claimed to have a first class global finance and investment team. It owned multiple financial platforms such as banks, securities, and asset management and had a controlling stakes in a European bank. It invested in various high-level European companies in the areas of airlines, tourism and e-commerce. In March 2020, the company was declared bankrupt as well as its subsidiaries CEFC Shanghai International and CEFC Hainan International. The company used a complex web of affiliated entities (like the Biden companies) to facilitate fake deals, inflate trade figures and obtain bank loans to fuel its expansion.

Liu Yadong Hunter's Boss at CEFC
Image 14: Yadong Liu, the profile of CEO of CEFC and Hunter’s business partner

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Hunter Biden’s Finger Lakes Tattoo

The Things My father Taught me

Here’s a short review to help clarify some of the questions regarding Hunter Biden’s tattoo and it’s meaning. He does in fact have a tattoo on his back, he was inked in September of 2018.  The tattoo depicts the Finger Lakes, a group of long, narrow lakes that run roughly north–south in New York state.

Hunter Tattoo 9-2018
Image 1
: Hunter Biden’s tattoo collection and some linkages

In terms of significance, the tattoo is tied to his enterprise of companies. One example of this linkage is payments to an individual (POI-1) who has no visible history, nor background, nor internet footprint. These transactions involved reoccurring six digit wire transfers from Owasco P.C. to POI-1’s bank account in Chicago. Owasco happens to be the name of one of Hunter Biden’s companies. Seneca and Oneida are two other companies and the names of two additional Finger Lakes. The sources of the payments to Owasco were the Ukrainian Burisma and a Romanian energy firm named Octogon.

Image 2: Letter of authorization for a reoccurring fund transfer from Owasco P.C. to POI-1

Phillipa Haron
Image 3:
Utilizing AI to identify the artist who painted the Hunter Biden erotica collection. The artist Phillipa Horan describes herself as “a feminist engaged in the exploration of what lies beneath the surface of the institution and focuses on unseen sub-networks and connections that create new motifs of subversion.”

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Hunter Biden’s Personal Fixer Service
How to Solicit with a Mouse Click
Hunter Biden’s Pornhub Page
The Hunter Biden Texts
Hunter Biden Laptop Images Are Authentic

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Hunter Biden’s Personal Fixer Service

Biden Grand Auto Thetf Edition

Acts like teleportation and turning invisible require a powerful wizard and some serious magic. Ilich Ramírez Sanchez AKA ‘Carlos the Jackal’, used to perform these types of magic tricks for years. He would execute complex terror attacks or an assassination and then he’d disappear without a trace. He moved around Europe, the Middle East, and African using a elaborate network of safe houses. He had access to unlimited cash, high grade explosives, weapons, and authentic travel documents. Yet despite spending millions of dollars and tens of thousands of man-hours, western intelligence was unable to lay their hands on him.

So how exactly did the Jackal’s magic work? It’s simple, he was shielded by the KGB, who collaborated with the intelligence agencies of several Arab countries including Libya and Syria which facilitated his activity. The moment the KGB decided to drop him, the magic ended and he was immediately tracked and arrested.

Hunter Biden’s criminal escapades also resemble this type of magic. His questionable business dealing and practices aside, if you consider the allegations of sexual abuse of a minor, the volumes of cocaine he purchased, the illegal sex solicitation in multiple jurisdictions, and his relationship with some real seedy organized crime characters, it’s mind boggling how Hunter didn’t light up a police vice squad radar in every jurisdiction he visited or become the target of a major federal investigation.

So, what was Hunter’s secret power? It turns out that his ability to walk through walls can be attributed to an all-powerful fixer and enabler service. The composite below may help demystify the question of how he managed to get away with this conduct for years without quickly landing in prison.

Hunter's Personal Fixers

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How to Solicit with a Mouse Click
Hunter Biden’s Pornhub Page
The Hunter Biden Texts
Hunter Biden Laptop Images Are Authentic

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How to Solicit with a Mouse Click

How to Solicit with a mouse click

To the “Buying Sex is a Crime” abolitionist groups, take note!  The following contains a sampling of one of many of Hunter Biden’s ‘hookups’. During this specific sessions he:

  1. Accessed and viewed his public Pornhub site with the prostitute. The site contains an image of a female family member
  2. Shared personal information with the escort about his vocation, family, and kids
  3. Perused his digital family album with the escort. The album contained images of a minor and his father Joe Biden, and other Biden family members 
  4. Bragged about participating in twosomes, threesomes and sevensomes
  5. Boasted that he himself and another man he knew had a threesome with a woman

Coordinating Pickup and Drop off
Image 1:
The logistics and coordination of one enchanted night

Robert Hunter Porn Hub-2
Image 2:
Sample content viewed during the hook up

Robert Hunter Porn Hub-3
Image 3:
Sample content viewed during the hook up

It seems that fate has a well-developed sense of irony and sardonic humor: At the beginning of Hunter’s hookup, shortly after the escort arrives to his hotel room you can hear a TV program in the background in which President Trump talks about the evils of sex trafficking and the exploitation of women.

So what is the relevance of all of this and why does the public have the right to know? Beyond the obvious issues of soliciting for prostitution (a class A misdemeanor in his location at the time) and purchasing drugs on a wholesale scale, this conduct is another confirmation of the allegations leveled against Hunter by his former wife and another female family member. But even more importantly, this and dozens of other solid evidence completely disproves Joe Biden’s assertion that the claims against Hunter are all just vicious lies.

Drugs and Prostitiuton HQ at 48 Pond St, East Haven, CT Dianna Pagano
Image 4: Linkage identifying Dianna Pagao, one Hunter’s many drugs and sex worker suppliers

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Hunter Biden’s Pornhub Page
The Hunter Biden Texts
Hunter Biden Laptop Images Are Authentic

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Hunter Biden’s Pornhub Page

Hunter Biden's Revenge Porn Site

The following is the confirmed and validated Pornhub profile of RHEast AKA droidhunter, AKA Harper, AKA Hunter Biden. Some of the content uploaded to the site includes a Biden family female member.

Hunter Biden Pornhub Profile
Image 1: The Hunter Biden Pornhub page using the aliases RHEast, droidhunter, and Harper and a sampling of the imagery and video uploaded to that account

In 2018-2019 Hunter Biden visited and updated his Pornhub profile page on multiple occasions. In one such visit, on February 20, 2018, traced to the Blake Street hotel room # 315, starting at 11:45 PM EST, he spent the night with a prostitute that he paid for and transported using an Uber service. During the encounter, he logged into his Pornhub site using the hotel’s WiFi network and shared with the escort his porn collection and ‘homemade’ productions.

*** Update 10/30/2020 ***

This is in response to a comment from a reader regarding Hunter’s right to privacy vs. the public’s right to know:

“I don’t see the point of releasing the videos, or exposing his Pornhub account. Hunter is an adult. He’s also not running for office. His bedroom habits have nothing to do with Joe. In what way does the value of this info outweigh Hunter’s privacy interests? Why does the public need this info? Am I missing something here? I am genuinely asking. Emails and texts indicating Joe’s corruption: Bring it on. But what purpose does releasing his Pornhub identity serve? If not only to embarrass him?”

My purpose in publishing this content was to provide supporting evidence that corroborates the allegations made by Hunter’s former wife and another female family member about his inappropriate sexual conduct with her daughter (who at the time was and is still a minor).

Hunter’s Pornhub site contains a nude image of a female family member. If used without her  permission (which is highly likely), it could be classified as revenge porn. In Connecticut where this content was viewed with a prostitute, it could be a class A misdemeanor, in Delaware (his home state), it could be a class G felony. Keep in mind that the same female family member accused Hunter on multiple occasions to Joe, Jim, and Jill Biden of engaging in exactly this type of behavior but was shut down by the family. Her specific complaint to Hunter’s father and mother was that Hunter was “walking around naked watching porn masturbating, and doing drugs” in front of her daughter who was a minor.

So, how does this links to Joe Biden? Both, Joe and Hunter’s uncle Jim knew about these allegations and colluded with Hunter to suppress the mother’s complaints. Or as Hunter’s uncle Jim put it:

“…we can both (him and Joe) shove it (her concerns) down her fucking throat!!!!”

The issue here is not the sensational nature of Hunter owning a Porhub page, but rather that we have material evidence of possible sexual child abuse and proof of criminal conduct, financial impropriety, political corruption, and foreign compromise. If this involved any other family in the US, the CPS/police/Feds would have kicked their door down in minutes and dragged them out by their hair. But not in this case! No one took any action to protect the child. Even now, despite the clear and undisputable proof, the media is still aggressively suppressing the story and arguing that this is a Russian hoax. Even Fox news via Tucker Carlson continues to shield/enable the Bidens on the basis that this is a personal issue and that they shouldn’t be scrutinized.

In terms of how credible these allegations are, I’ll cite one of many examples, Hunter himself confessed that the mother of the minor who accused him of sex abuse threw out his gun because she feared for her and her children’s lives. The FBI, Secret Service, and local law enforcement were involved in the investigation, and yet, no one took any action, in fact, the opposite happned, they continued to enable Hunter’s abusive behavior.

So, yes, I believe that the public has the right to know. And we all have the duty to demand a public hearing and an independent investigation.

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Justine Coleman from The Hill is A Manipulative Media Hack
Hunter Biden Laptop Images Are Authentic
50 former intelligence officials warn NY Post story sounds like Russian disinformation – The Hill
Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say – Politico

Hunter Purnhub page linkage
Image 2: Hunter’s Purnhub page content authenticated linkage

The Guide to Hunter Biden’s Porn Hub Awards
Image 3
: The guide to Hunter Biden’s Pornhub awards

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The Hunter Biden Texts

Please stop

We don’t often see the movement of the political power clockwork, but every once in a while a little gap in the curtain opens and you get a rare glimpse. 

Child Abuse DrugTexts Details
Image 1: Full text thread of one conversation between Hunter Biden and a family member discussing various topics such as alleged inappropriate conduct with a family minor (Click on image to zoom)

Hunter Biden Text -1
Image 2
: Part-1

Hunter Biden Text -2
Image 3
: Part-2

Hunter Biden Text -3
Image 4
: Part-3

Hunter Biden Text -4
Image 5
: Part-4 (see supporting visual in Image 6)

Visual Nerrative
Image 6
: “Walking around naked, watching porn, masturbating (on a live cam), and doing drugs”

Hunter Biden Text -5
Image 7: Part-5

Child Abuse Texts
Image 8
: Sampling of several other text threads between Hunter Biden and family and business associates alleging inappropriate conduct with a family minor (Click on image to zoom in).

Jim and Hunter Biden Profiles
Image 9: Sampling of two authenticated user profiles who participated in the messaging conversations

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Justine Coleman from The Hill is A Manipulative Media Hack
Hunter Biden Laptop Images Are Authentic
50 former intelligence officials warn NY Post story sounds like Russian disinformation – The Hill
Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say – Politico

LFH4 Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children
Stated mission: We believe that child abuse can be prevented through educating adults and children, developing the next generation of child welfare professionals and strengthening child protection laws around the country.

As a side note, the Beau Foundation board of directors includes luminaries such as the honorable Louis Freeh, who is a former judge and the director of the FBI (1993-2001).

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Beware of Chinese Bearing Gifts

Lies Beneath

There are a number of images that have been posted on the G-TV site that make false claims about the individuals seen in the Hunter Biden laptop imagery.

One example is a photo showing a naked woman on a bed that suggests that this is Malia, President Obama’s daughter. This identification is false. Despite the fact that the G-TV site contains genuine content, they frequently misidentify the location, context, and individuals seen in these images and videos. Their reasoning for doing so is unclear, it could driven by circulation or by some political agenda.

False Identificaotin of Malia Obama
Image 1: A frame from a video posted on the G-TV website misidentifying the woman (POI-1) on the bed as Malia, President Obama’s daughter

West Hollywood
Image 2: The POI-1 seen in bed in Image 1 was taken in a rented villa during a sex party in 2018

No match POI-1 and Malia Obama
Image 3
: POI-1 failed to match Malia Obama on face recognition and body geometry 

A note to whomever is posting these false narratives: there is plenty of damning material on the hard drive that speaks for itself, you don’t have to further ‘enhance’ it by making up ludicrous claims, spreading fictitious stories about the rape of under age Chinese girls, or misidentifying individuals as celebrities. By doing so, you are not only compromising your own credibility, you are also tainting the authentic materials you were given.

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Justine Coleman from The Hill is A Manipulative Media Hack
Hunter Biden Laptop Images Are Authentic
50 former intelligence officials warn NY Post story sounds like Russian disinformation – The Hill
Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say – Politico

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