The Russians Made me Do It

The Russians made me do it

Despite Hunter Biden’s exploitation of women—some of whom were VERY young—his acts which included solicitation for prostitution, trafficking, revenge porn, unsafe handgun storage, speeding (172 MPH), and possession/distribution of cocaine, haven’t resulted in any persecution. This uncommonly good fortune could be attributed to Hunter having been dipped in the river Styx and successive Teflon immersions. The cumulative effects of this being that the DOJ and various state DAs consistently failed to bring charges against him and likely politically suppressed evidence of criminal conduct.

The Mystery of the Missing Fingerprints
On October 20th, 2016, Hunter flew to Los Angeles and spent a week in a hotel in Marina del Rey, where he stocked-up on crack cocaine. On the morning of October 26th, he arrived at the Hertz rental office at LAX, got a car, and proceeded to drive to Arizona, final destination, Grace Grove Retreat Center. Several hours into the trip, while driving possibly under the influence east on Interstate 10, just beyond Palm Springs, he lost control of the car, jumped the median and crashed on the shoulder. He called Hertz and got them to collect the damaged vehicle and replace it with another, a silver Jeep Compass.

On October 28th, at about 10 PM, Hunter dropped-off the Jeep at the airport Hertz office in Prescott, Arizona. He arrived after hours and there was no one at the rental office to check him out. He parked the car at an empty spot, placed the car key in the fuel cap, and took a service bus to the retreat. In the morning he realized that he left a some sensitive items in the rental and using the madeup name “Joseph McGee”, called-in the rental office to retrieve his valuables. Unbeknown to the Mr. McGee (the song “Me And Bobby McGee” is in his iTunes and a playlist), two Hertz employees named Zachary and Emily already processed the car and found his drug paraphernalia and stash. They also checked him out on the internet using his driver license and found out that he was an aristocrat.

Following the company SOP on reporting contraband, Jennifer, the Hertz branch manager, not realizing the storm she was about to unleash (she was laid-off several months later despite a staller 14 years of service with the company), contacted the Prescott PD and told them about the problematic VIP customer.

The PD promptly sent a patrol car and detectives to investigate. The visit resulted in the filing of a “narcotics offense” report and the collection of evidence from the crime scene, some of the retrieved items included:

  1. A plastic baggie with crack
  2. An iPhone
  3. A crack pipe with cocaine residue
  4. A Secret Service business card with Hunter’s name 
  5. Number of credit cards with Hunter’s name
  6. 2 DC driver licenses with hunters name
  7. Beau Biden’s official attorney-general badge

Click to access hunter-biden-police-report.pdf

Document 1: The Prescott, Arizona PD Hunter Biden report

The Game is Afoot
Leaving these sanative items behind and using a false identity to try and retrieve them suggests that Hunter could have also been under the influence when he dropped-off the car. According to the police report, the case was classified a top priority and the FBI immediately dispatched agents to the site and actively “worked the scene”. The Secret Service was also mobilized and its agents were able to locate Hunter quickly and inform the Prescott police that all was well and that they didn’t have to worry about him.

Despite the SS assurance that all was well, there was still that pesky problem of the police retrieving significant amount of contraband form Hunter’s car and that all of it was linked directly to him via the rental agreement, and the two driver licenses. For the sake of brevity I’m completely ignoring the fact that he was carrying his brothers DA badge.

Shauna Stangl
Image 1
: Shauna Stangl, the President and Owner of Grace Grove Retreat Center who housed Hunter and aided and abetted him in hiding his true identity from the Prescott Police

To complicate matters, the lab tests ordered by the police detectives came back positive, indicating that the glass pipe contained cocaine residue. At that point it should have been an open-and-shut case. The only thing left to do (would happen to the average Joe schmoe), was to invite Hunter to the station for a friendly chat. But, Hunter just like his cousin Caroline, summoned the dark arts. and low and behold, In an act of Deus ex machina, the forensic lab failed to find any fingerprints on the pipe, failed to evaluate the little bag with the white powder. Naturally, the DA declined to bring criminal charges and the case against Hunter dissolved.

On 02/15/2016, almost four month later, there were still lingering whispers between Hunter and the Prescott PD (with Sargent Small and detective Bernard), but the case was closed. For some unknown reasons, it never occurred to anyone in the AZ LEA or the DA to ask Hunter about why he was in possession and was transporting cocaine across state lines? If he was under the influence of drugs while driving? And why he and his guru ‘Puma St. Angel’ obstructed the police investigation? The detectives and FBI agents also never bothered to locate “Joseph McGee” and follow-up with Puma, who politely but firmly told the Prescott police that she wasn’t going to talk to them anymore.

Hunter's Crack Pipe
Image 2
: Hunter smoking his crack pipe and leaving plenty of finger prints on it. In Arizona,  cocaine possession is a 4 felony. The presumptive prison term for a class 4 felony is 2.5 years, and the aggravated term is three years and nine months.

The failure to find fingerprints on the pipe is puzzling because Hunter wasn’t even fingerprinted or asked to give a written statement. There was also the issue of his finger prints on the bag of cocaine. Clearly, the failure to complete the investigation wasn’t due to lack of leads. It’s clear from the report that the police successfully traced the source of the call of the mysterious “Joseph McGee” to Hunter Biden and identified him as the primary POI.

The chain of custody of the crime scene evidence suggests that the items were likely mishandled by the FBI  team who ‘supervised’ the investigation. It’s also clear from at least one conversation that the crack pipe was likely wiped clean. This bleaching operation, though, a bit amateurish, shows fiendish raw talent and villainous creativity. It seems that the DOJ has come a long way since the Chappaquiddick incident. Back then, they only fiddled with Edward Kennedy’s (the 1972 democratic presidential hopeful) DMV records to make it “unblemished(1). Now, they’ve upgraded their repertoire and are offering favorable political candidates a much wider-range of of services like crime scene re-decoration and active interference with local LEA investigations.

This pattern of crime and no punishment can only be explained by the fact that Hunter is a life long member of some VIP protection club. In several other cases, the Delaware and Philadelphia PDs and DAs also had firsthand knowledge of Hunter’s criminal activity, but made a political decision to ignore it. Just like in the Prescott PD case, we have records of communications between Hunter and various detectives like: Reynolds, Garland, Breit, Jubb, Catov, Miller, Litchendorf, and other state and federal agents on how to make the various issues ‘go away’.

It’s not entirely surprising, but it is somewhat alarming how vast the Biden influence network is. Since the evidence from Hunter’s laptop has been made public, legions of prominent individuals in the fashion of a locust swarm which obscure the sun, are working overtime to spike the story and discredit the evidence against the Bidens.

Gardiner Harris NYT
Image 3
: Summoning an apple polisher to lick the Biden boots. For a good time and favorable propaganda, call Gardiner Harris. Harris is one of a legions of reporters specifically assigned to ‘take care’ of the Biden PR needs. 

All of this is quite an achievement for the DOJ and IC and a feat worthy of some sort of a medal. Especially, if we consider the whole Steele Dossier affair and the treatment that LG Flynn and Carter Page received from people like Brennan, Comey, Strzok, and Clinesmith. Mind you, in those cases, unlike the hours of high-res footage and audio showing Hunter In flagrante delicto, they had to ‘manufacture’ the evidence for the alleged crimes by resorting to 19 century Dreyfus affair style back-alley forgeries and secret courts.

Show Me The Crime
So, riddle me this, O masters of investigative journalism: which content on the laptop is fake? And how exactly is this a Russian disinformation operation? The evaluation of the massive contents of Hunter’s laptop successfully matched and identified the women that were involved in his sex acts, it located his drug dealers and his pimps, it confirmed his exact whereabouts during these sessions using biometric markers such as voice and face recognition, It confirmed his activity via his use of IM, video, audio, and imagery, it identified his banking activity as well as the ‘non-traceable’ payment methods and his complete CDR. It also tracked his IP addresses and MAC address, and the burner phones he used to evade detection.

All this was done with match rates in excess of 90% accuracy (which is more than LEA and intelligence operations require) and with precision that far exceeds that of typical police forensics in a serious crime. In fact, no one knows the fine details of Hunter’s appearance and anatomy including clothing, jewelry, body geometry, scars, beauty marks, and vein location quite as well as the AI used in the analysis. So please enlighten us: which of the images or documents on his laptop are Russian forgeries? Which of the people are synthetic and don’t’ exist?  Which phone call, text, or email is made-up? And how in the world did the Russians force Hunter to drop-off his laptop at the repair shop and abandon it there?

Et tu, Me Too Movement?
What ever happened to “You are not alone! We see you, we hear you…we’re here too!“ voices?
Is it jus my impression, or did the Me Too movement and other women rights and the progressive voices in the media have suddenly gone silent about the wholesale exploitation of women by Hunter?

I have looked high and low, but it seems that none of the guardians of virtue have anything to say about the dirty deeds of the smartest guy Joe knows. Au contraire, they are lining up the streets with choruses of admirers extolling Hunter’s novus homo virtues. Vanity Fair and the NYT are stumbling over each other with fawning adoration proclaiming that Hunter is a ‘fine artist’ and are promoting his upcoming gallery debut. In his little NYT propaganda featurette about the freshly laundered Hunter, Adam Popescu provides endless flowery descriptions of his fine art techniques. This included fruity passages like:

“His process with alcohol ink — it can take 14 layers for the material to adhere — includes blowing it with a metal straw. “You have to be really focused in order to be able to alter it to your own imagination,”

So, there you have it, Hunter spends hours blowing alcohol on paper through a straw. In light of all of the evidence in the public domain, this is the only worthy Biden news that the NYT could come up with. What is ostensibly missing from Popescu’s puff piece are real questions like: ‘why did you engage in revenge porn against your sister-in-law?’ or ‘is it true that you were sexually inappropriate with an underage family member?’ Ironically, this is the same Popescu who in 2017, wrote a piece titled “Does Watching Porn Lead To Prostitution?”, in it, he sheds many crocodile tears about the sexual exploitation of women and sadly concludes that:

“A 2003 study published by the Journal of Trauma Practice interviewed 854 prostituted women across 9 countries, and found that 47% reported that they were upset by customers trying to make them perform what the customer had seen in porn. In the US, 41% claimed they were forced to perform acts against their will, acts their tormentors viewed in porn, and were attempting to emulate. About half were then forced to have that degradation filmed, echoing Grillo’s experience.”

Smoking Crack
Image 4: A sampling of Hunter sex binges soliciting prostitution and supplying his VERY young female companions with crack and encouraging them to smoke it. One of these partners was a family member

Hunter was furnishing and pressuring women to smoke crack and engage in sex acts that would make Spritzer, Wiener, and Epstein blush. With the release of the Hunter laptop materials, the media and the intelligentsia had all of the proof they need to do their constitutionally protected job. Yet, despite all of this, not a peep from the righteous multitudes who just recently were falling on their moral swords during the Cavanaugh and Barrett confirmation hearings. 

References and Sourcing
XRVision Sentinel AI Platform – Face recognition, image reconstruction, and object classification

(1) Edward Kennedy’s Unblemished Driving Record
Edward’s “unblemished” driving history which entitled him to a suspended sentence was based on the manipulation of his DMV records by the DA/LEA. The report delivered to the court in preparation for sentencing showed no prior tickets. Edwards records was far form unblemished. In 1956–1959, while attending the University of Virginia School of Law, he had compiled a record of reckless driving and driving without a license. In one March 14, 1958, incident, Kennedy ran a red light, then cut his tail lights and raced to avoid a highway patrol officer. After he was caught, he was cited for reckless driving, racing to avoid pursuit, and driving without a license.

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50 former intelligence officials warn NY Post story sounds like Russian disinformation – The Hill
Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say – Politico

Copyright 2020 Yaacov Apelbaum, All Rights Reserved.

Our New Tammany Hall Bosses

Our New Tammany bosses

Patrick Ho Chi-ping, the Vice-Chairman and Secretary-General of the CEFC and the former Hong Kong Home Secretary, was a senior Biden partner in CEFC. In return for the $10 million annual payment to the Bidens, CEFC relied on them to open doors to various power brokers in the US and worldwide. The Bidens acted as the ultimate character/business references and indeed introduced CEFC management to organizations like the UN where Ho ended-up sprinkling tons of bribe pixy powder.

The Bidens knew exactly who their Chinese business partners were. It’s clear from the detailed due diligence the they conducted on their future partners that they were aware that the CEFC executives and other Chinese oligarchs were connected to the CCP and Chinese intelligence.

Click to access invoice-17-150-patrick-ho.pdf

Document 1: Sample of due diligence conducted by the Bidens on Patrick Chi Ping Ho in 2017

Click to access please-keep-this-beteen-you-and-i-chinese-investments-in-us-engergyi.pdf

Document 2
: Looking to ‘lubricate’ millions in Chinese influence operations in the US.  “Please keep this between you and I.” (1)

In 2018, Ho was arrested and charged with international money laundering, conspiracy, and violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. After a lengthy trial, a New York court convicted him and sentenced him to three years in federal prison. 

Patrick Ho
Image 1: Patrick Ho Chi-Ping in action

The Ho affair sounds like a typical foreign corruption tale but this one has a little twist. Beyond the Biden business involvement in CEFC, shortly after Ho was arrested, Hunter Biden, Ho’s partner, sprang into action and drafted a $1 million dollar legal retainer to be engaged as Ho’s attorney. It goes without saying that 1 million dollars is a huge retainer and should raise a red flag with the NY Bar Association—all the more so when you consider the fact that Hunter isn’t a criminal attorney nor even a litigator. The document clearly states that Hunter’s scope of work was limited to helping Ho find a real attorney. From the internal communications, we know that within 24 hours of the arrest Hunter handed over the case to Ho’s actual attorney and was out of the picture. So what was the $1 million payment for?

Hunter Biden Retainer
Image 1
: Hunter Biden’s 1 million dollar retainer

From the electronic communications that ensued, it’s clear that Hunter performed some sort of a ‘magic’ trick. He spoke directly to the DOJ to get some ‘tips’ about the case. Armed with these details, he then handed over Ho’s case to the NY law firm Krieger Kim & Lewin which—for another sizable fee—assigned it to a real criminal attorney named Edward Kim. Not surprisingly, Kim spent a decade as a federal prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice in the Southern district of NY prosecuting similar cases that Ho was charged with.

Click to access hos-fbi-agants-names-1.pdf

Document 3
: “What are the names of the FBI agents you spoke to?” 

Kevin Dong and Hunter IM
Image 2
: Hunter Biden and Gongwen (Kevin) Dong discussing Hunter’s plan to raid the bank account of Hudson West III LLC. The account for Hudson West III LLC was opened jointly by Hunter Biden and Kevin Dong in Cathay Bank and had a multi-party signature authorization stipulation, which stated that for withdrawals > US$10,000.01, required the joint signature of Kevin Dong and Hunter Biden. Kevin Dong signed the agreement as the president of Hudson West V LLC, and Hunter Biden signed the agreement as the representative of OWASCO P.C. The Mervyn referenced in the IM is Mervyn Yan.

Click to access rhb-keving-dong-patrick-ho.pdf

Document 4
: Funds for legal representation of Dr. Patrick Ho Chi Ping

Apparently this Tammany Hall magic was quite powerful and Ho managed to win the court room lottery. In March 2019, he was sentenced to three years (a far lighter sentence recommended under sentencing guidelines). Even more mind boggling is the fact that Ho ended-up serving only a fraction of that sentence and he did that in a “minimum-security camp”. In June 2020, he was released and shipped in luxury back to Hong Kong.

A Note to the

Dear Mr. Horowitz,

If your team has a few minutes to spare, (though, I know that you are all very busy at the moment investigating important matters such as the Cuomo’s nursing home massacres), you may want to conduct a quick audit of the Ho case and the financial sources used in his legal defense. You might be surprised to find that back in late 2017, the DOJ was already fully aware of the CEFC’s corrupt practices and the Bidens’ involvement in them (and as early as 2016 in the Burisma case). You will also discover that some DOJ officials were tipping off Hunter Biden about the case.

As someone who celebrates Passover you are probably familiar with the concept of the four questions and the four sons. For this year’s Passover celebration, why not add this additional question “Why is this Ho different from all other Hos?” to the list? And while at it, why not add a new category to the four sons, a one that should have known better, but didn’t. As demonstrated by the IC and DOJ turning a blind eye to Chinese influence operations in the US, the dirty political patronage, habitual crime (including drugs, potential trafficking, and child abuse), and corruption.

References and Sources
XRVision Sentinel AI Platform – Face recognition, image reconstruction, and object classification

Judge Loretta A. Preska March 28, 2019 Order as to Chi Ping Patrick Ho
Pursuant to Rule 38(b)(2) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, the Court recommends to the Attorney General that Defendant be allowed to remain at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan for an additional six months so that he can assist in preparing his appeal. Following this period, the Court recommends that Defendant be designated to the minimum-security camp at FCI Danbury or another comparable facility close to New York City to serve the remainder of his sentence. So Ordered: Signed by Judge Loretta Preska on 3/28/2019

(1) The family discussed in document 1 is related to Guo Guangchang, the owner of Fosun International Limited

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XRVision Sentinel AI Platform – Face recognition, image reconstruction, and object classification

Copyright 2020 Yaacov Apelbaum, All Rights Reserved.

Provocation 101

Provocation 101

There are a number of on-line sources that published the following image claiming that this was a photo of Justice John Roberts with Ghislaine Maxwell. It is not, the man in this image is a French modeling agent named Jean-Luc Brunel, AKA Le fantôme” (The ghost).

Jean-Luc Brunel
Image 1
: Jean-Luc Brunel with chillin with Ghislaine Maxwell

Circulating falsely identified images is an age-old intelligence agency trick. But, now, this practice has become popular with the fact checker networks, who seem to practice this form of disinformation on a wholesale scale. To learn more about how some guardians of the internet galaxy use this type of provocation, check out the following:

  1. Operation Snort
  2. Down the Discreditation Rabbit Hole
  3. Need a Nazi for a Project, but Can’t Find One? Here’s How to Make One Up
  4. Is You is or is You Ain’t Ilhan Omar?

For an in-depth discussion on how the real professionals do it, check out the Agency’s Study of Provocations and Harassments and the foundation of influence operations. They are oldies but goodies.

Click to access cia-study-of-provocations.pdf

Document 1: The US Intelligence Board Security Committee – A Study of Provocations and Harassments of U.S. Citizens in Soviet/Satellite Countries

Click to access influence-operations-guidel.pdf

Document 2: The Foundations of Effective Influence Operations guide

References and Sources
XRVision Sentinel AI Platform – Face recognition, image reconstruction, and object classification

Copyright 2020 Yaacov Apelbaum, All Rights Reserved.

The Agents of Corruption

From China with Love

Despite Joe Biden’s denial of collecting his beloved leader bonus and his 24×7 MSM air support, the evidence of likely corruption by Joe, Jim, and Hunter are significant. Even if some fact-checkers may claim otherwise, the evidence is certainly actionable and should have been investigated by the DOJ long ago. To those who are interested in the low level details, the following are a few samples that illustrate how the DC political influence network works.

To NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo
In a 2017 letter from Jim Biden (Hunter’s uncle and Joe’s brother) to NY governor Andrew Cuomo, Biden asks to schedule an emergency “drop by”. This request was triggered by an CEFC leadership’s visit to New York and their interest in scheduling a meeting to discuss ‘investment opportunities’ in NY state. To those unfamiliar with the CEFC, it was a Chinese version of the Madoff scam organization, but with a little twist of being linked to Chinese intelligence. Beside the Chinese attendees, the delegation also included Jim and Hunter Biden, a Luxembourg royal family member (likely representing the bank where the money would be laundered), James Gilliar, and Rob Walker, the chairman and president of the UK based J2CR. J2CR was Biden’s legal and strategic government affairs partner and was staffed by former top-officials from the US DOJ. If you are thinking that perhaps the acronym “DOJ” as in “former top-level DOJ officials“ as it appears in the J2CR marketing material refers to the Department of Jugging, it doesn’t, it stands for the US Department of Justice.

Image 1
: The UK based J2CR consists of former top officials in the US Department of Justice

Click to access cowen-and-cefc-china-announce-strategic-partnership.pdf

Document 1: Cowen, J2CR, and CEFC China Announce a strategic partnership

Click to access 12-16-20-at-12.22-pm-1.pdf

Document 2: The Bidens soliciting a meeting with Andrew Cuomo for a CEFC investment meeting

Click to access richardson-list.pdf

Document 3 The unions are in our pocket

Click to access input-needed.pdf

Document 4: Delays in getting approval from NYS for a medical test? Not a problem. …see if we can get them in front of or on a call with Dr. Nirav Shah, a Governor Cuomo appointee 

Click to access re-infrastructure-in-addition-to-fuel-deals.pdf

Document 5: NY State. Gov. Cuomo. And the head of all development in NY State, will meet when ever we are ready!

Click to access are-we-going-to-wait-to-action-the-embassy.pdf

Document 6: Are we going to wait to action the embassy? If you don’t like the judge, have him removed

To the care of his excellency Sheike Abullah Bin Mohammed Al Thani
In another solicitation letter, Jim Biden informs Khaled Sultan Al Rabban—the Qatari director of the QIA—that Trump’s foreign policy is failing, but that there is no need to worry because “my family” could open the doors at the highest levels and has “lasted through many years and many administrations”. In this capacity, the Bidens can circumvent the administration’s official foreign policy with notables like his excellency the Qatari Amir. To put this letter in context, the Bidens offer to act as what appears to be an-unregistered Qatari agents took place in July-August 2017. One of the failed Trump foreign policy that uncle Jim is alluding to is likely the Qatar diplomatic crisis, which was triggered by Qatar’s state support for terrorism.

Biden Qatari Letter
Image 2
: The Jim Biden selling influence to the Qatari government and potentially violating the Logan Act

Cast of characters J2CR and CEFC
Image 3
: The cast of characters on the email distribution list and Qatari and Cuomo meetings

Click to access dear-mr-herscowitz-your-synopsis-makes-absolute-sense.pdf

Document 7
: Dear Mr Herscowitz, your synopsis makes absolute sense. Using Andrew M. Herscowitz, the Coordinator for Power Africa U.S. Embassy/Pretoria to promote the Biden business empire

Diamonds are forver
Image 4
: Diamonds Are Forever. One of the diamonds (a 3.16 carat valued at > $120K) ‘gifted’ to Hunter Biden by the now MIA Chairman of CEFC, Ye Jianming

Click to access sinohawk-jv-operating-agreement-2.pdf

Document 8: The web of deceit. The formation documents for Sinohawk Holdings, LLC, one of the companies controlled by the Bidens

Click to access reply-to-mr.-r.-hunter-biden.pdf

Document 9
: CEFC and SinoHawk business is booming. “best regards to you and your family”

Click to access 171031-monkey-island-lng-memo.pdf

Document 10: Monkey Island or monkey business. “Your $150 Million in just a few years could have a value of over $1 Billion”

Click to access 5-millon-or-10-millon-lets-not-quibble-over-peanuts.pdf

Document 11
: We say 10 million, you say 5 million.  “The Biden’s are the best I know at doing exactly what the Chairman (CEFC’s Ye Jianming) wants from this partnership. Please let’s not quibble over peanuts.”

References and Sourcing
Short bios of Amer Rustom and Khaled Sultan Al Rabban referenced in the letter in image 2

Rustom is the CEO and President of The Platinum Group USA. He and his partner, Jim Biden, were sued in 2019. The complaint details how both concocted various fraudulent schemes. Rustom describes himself as the president, CEO, and Chairman of Platinum Petroleum International Limited, an oil company focused on extraction in the Middle East. Rustom also claims to have “successfully developed strong ties with many of the Middle East and North African leaders and country officials as well as the local and international business communities.”

Khaled was born and raised in Doha, Qatar. He earned a bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University of Greenwich and a masters degree in International Business and Management from the University of Westminster.  After graduation, he joined Qatar Holding LLC “QH”. After that he was made the Director of the Office of the CEO of Qatar Investment Authority “QIA”.

James Gilliar’s Czech Residence and the CEFC Czech Investment Strategy
Gilliar’s Czech residence is directly tied to FEFC fraudulent activity in the Czech republic and its subsequent collaboration with the Bidens. In May 2015, CEFC acquired a 5% stake in J&T Finance Group.(1) This increased to 9.9% in September 2015.(2) In 2017, the company applied to acquire 50% J&T Finance Group, but the deal was refused by Czech National Bank because of lack of sufficient information on the origin of most of the funding for the deal.(3)(4) In September 2015, the company acquired multiple assets in the Czech Republic – a majority stake in brewery Pivovary Lobkowicz Group [cs], a 10% stake in the Smartwings airline Travel Service, 60% in football club SK Slavia Prague and real-estate assets in Prague – the building of the former Živnostenská banka at Na příkopě street and Le Palais Art Hotel Prague.(5) CEFC also bought a stake of between 50%-90% in Czech online travel agent Invia in March 2016, likely to capitalize on the increasing numbers of Chinese tourists visiting Prague.(6) Of note is the influence operation techniques used by the CEFC (i.e. Chinese intelligence), just like in the 2017 deal with governor Cuomo and the US MSM media. CEFC China Energy invested in Czech media company Empresa Media, the owner of the popular TV Barrandov and magazine Týden.  These two media outlets were outspoken critiques of the Chine before the investment, but, the tone of the group’s coverage changed; all neutral and negative reporting about China was replaced by positive reporting.(7)

CEFC as an Illustration of China’s Massive International Bribery Machine
CEFC conspired to bribe officials in Chad and Uganda so as to obtain exclusive oil and gas rights

Where in the World is Ye Jianming?
Ye was detained in China on March 2018 on suspicion of economic crimes. According to South China Morning Post and AsiaNews, the order for his investigation came from Chinese Communist Party general secretary Xi Jinping. In October 2018, it was also reported that Chinese prosecutors alleged Wang Sanyun, the former Communist Party Secretary of Gansu province, had accepted bribes from Ye Jianming in 2011.

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XRVision Sentinel AI Platform – Face recognition, image reconstruction, and object classification

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The Georgia Ballot Underground Railroad

The Georgia Ballot Underground Railroad

The following composites and details should help explain the context of the CCTV footage from the November 3rd ballot count in Fulton County, Georgia.

The video shows a four camera FOV of suite 604, the ballot processing room at the State Farm Arena. At 10:58:05 p.m., as the crew was finishing the clean-up at the end of the day, Ralph Jones, the floor supervisor (the bald man in a red shirt) received several calls on his cell phone. Shortly after his second call, he and another woman with black hair and blond braids (Shaye Moss) begun removing four rolling transport ballot boxes from under a black cloth covered table at the center of the room. At 11:02:52 p.m., they distribute the ballot trays from the boxes between four work stations. The ‘special’ count task force that consists of five individuals then starts feeding the ballots to four scanners. The ballot counting continued for close to two hours (112 minutes) and ended at about 12:58 a.m.

Running various video analytics such as motion pattern analysis on the footage yielded multiple evidence that the ‘special’ midnight count was pre-planned and carefully timed, it’s also clear from the 116 minute segment that the team sprinted through the ballot scanning process to reach some kind of a goal and or deadline.

CCTV 360
Image 1
: A composite of 4 CCTV field of views of the ballot counting room in suite 604. The location of the table under which the 4 ballot storage boxes were kept, and several key events that took place prior to the ‘special’ ballot count

People, Activity, and Props
At 11:02 p.m., when the 4 ballot storage boxes were taken out, there were 7 individuals in the room. The state of the tables in the room shows that only 4 out of the 24 were in use and that there was no visible ballot processing/counting activity beyond the 4 designated tables that are clustered at the top right corner of Image 1. At 11:04 p.m., two additional individuals left for the night (POI-6 and POI-7). The only ballots scanning that ensued during the midnight session were the ones taken from under table in the middle of the room. A fifth ballot storage box under the table was pulled out, opened, but wasn’t processed. Of note is that the ballots that came from under the table had already been ‘pre-processed’ and were placed flat in the trays in preparation for scanning.

The ballot boxes taken from under the table were locked and required the use of keys to open them. It may be relevant that not all ballot boxes in the room were kept locked.

USPS MM Ballot Tray
Image 2
: Fulton county ballots in boxes and the USPS trays used to hold them. Each of the 4 rolling transport ballot boxes under the table contained about 6000 ballots (each tray with 500-2000 ballots)

The Fulton County Election A Team
Image 3
: The A Team: Ruby Freeman, her daughter Shaye Moss, and the floor supervisor Ralph Jones Sr. (the Registration Chief at Fulton County Government). Of note is that Jones has a history of ‘mismanagement’ and poor moral judgment

Water Leaks and the Official Stop Time of 10:30-11:00 p.m.
With respect to the events on Nov 3rd, the termination of the counting activity in the room and the presence of the skeleton staff didn’t correlate to the alleged leaking water pipe narrative. Robb Pitts and Ralph Jones told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the pipe burst at 6:07 a.m. and was repaired within two hours around 8 a.m. The burst water pipe media coverage is interesting because it illustrates a typical disinformation campaign. In less than 12 hours, the non-existent burst pipe morphed several times to a water main break, an overflowing urinal, and a leaky toilet. From the event timeline, it’s unlikely that even if there was an initial water leak, that it had anything to do with the claimed 2-4 hour delay and the evacuation of staff and observers that took place almost 15 hours later. Of note is that the initial claim of an alleged burst water pipe wasn’t even mentioned by county officials during their 10 a.m. press conference.

There is some confusion about the official statements of the intent to stop the ballot count at 10:00-11:00 p.m. There are at least two confirmed statements about this plan and both came from Ralph Jones the floor supervisor. The first was made on the morning of Nov 3rd by Jones to the AJC stating that 10:30 p.m. would be EOD. The second was made by Jones at about 6:35 p.m. during an emergency call with the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections (see Audio 1 at 01:45:00). Its noteworthy that during the emergency evening call with the Fulton county board none of the six officials on the call challenged Jones about his plan to shutdown the count at 10-11 p.m. and accepted it as fact.

Fulton County Board of Registration & Elections Leadership
Image 4
: The leadership team of the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections present on the call with Ralph Jones

The footage confirms the shutdown plans and shows that as Jones advertised throughout the day, the room was cleared at about 10:48 p.m. It is also clear that five members of the midnight count team (that included Jones, Freeman, and Moss) had no intention of leaving as they continued to loiter in the room waiting for the Republican observers to leave. Moss, for example, was keeping busy dusting/wiping off the tables and walking around with little apparent purpose.

Estimate of the Number of Processed Ballots During the Midnight Count
It’s hard to calculate the exact number of ballots that came from the rolling boxes, but, a rough estimate that is based on 4 boxes (~500-3K ballots per box), the scanner speed/throughput (3K per hour), and the user motion associated with feeding the scanner yields a range of 6K-24K ballots. Obviously, without the proper controls (like duplicate ID detection) and supervision, these ballots could have also been scanned multiple times.

Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss
Image 5: The identity and relationship confirmation for two persons seen in the CCTV footage in suite 604. Two of the individuals took part in the removal of the 4 rolling transport ballot boxes and the resumption of the ballot count. The two are Ruby Freeman, an election worker and a democratic activist and her daughter, Shaye Moss who was a team election supervisor

Robb Pitts and mobile voting project
Image 6:
Ruby Freeman promoting Ralph Jones’ boss. Robb Pitts one of the sources of the leaking pipe story

Pesky Questions
Over the past few days I’ve heard a lot of interesting theories about the midnight ballot count event in GA. But, what is ostensibly missing are the following fundamental answers to the who/why/what/how from the Clouseau style investigators who were combing the ground for clues of pro/anti-evidence of election fraud:

  1. Why did Rick Barron, suddenly change his mind about the EOD count and instructed Ralph Jones to resume the count at 11:00 p.m. after almost everyone left for the day? 
  2. Why did the daily count had to stop at 10:30 p.m. in the first place?
  3. What was the net gain/loss for each candidate from this midnight count?
  4. Why were the four ballot boxes stored under the table and not with the rest of the ballot storage boxes next to the walls and processing tables?
  5. Whey were the boxes locked, while other non-processed ballot boxes were kept open?

Final thoughts
My problem with the ‘special’ late night ballot count is not that it took place late at night (the count should have been uninterrupted until completion), but, that it was riddled with anomalies. Here are a few examples:

  1. Sitting and waiting – the four ballot transport boxes set under the table without being processed. This is despite the fact that Jones (the election supervisor) knew about them and had plenty of processing capacity to scan them hours earlier.
  2. Ready but not willing – the ballots were pre-processed. They were ‘taken out’ of their mailing envelopes, certified as valid, and were ready to be scanned. Yet, Jones decided to deviate from the ballot processing procedure and set them aside. Storing these ballots under the table doesn’t match the other ballot storage patterns. Ruby can also be seen supervising the placement of the boxes under the table and It certainly seems like she has some affinity to them.
  3. Manager vs. worker– Jones spent part of his day personally unpacking ballot envelopes instead of supervising the floor and improving the ballot scanning performance and accuracy. He himself was doing the manual pre-processing despite having excess worker capacity for this function. 
  4. The transformation – When Jones got the call to re-mobilize the ballot count, his otherwise laid back team which has been scanning an average of 20K ballot per day (see Audio 1), suddenly, transformed into Olympic sprinters who were able to increase their output capacity in a record time. This raises some questionreasons about the sudden outburst in motivation?
  5. Dungeons & Dragons the ballot edition – From the footage seen in “Ruby Freeman-Instegram update” it is clear that Fulton County was ‘adjudicating’ ballots out of sight and without any supervision as early as October 19. Ruby can be seen sitting on her own in a cubicle with boxes of ballots (with many more in the corridors). It’s not entirely clear what controls were put in place to prevent a ballot processors from exploiting the system.

Audio 1: 11/3/2020 6:30 p.m. Fulton County Board of Elections call with Ralph Jones

Politics aside, it’s possible that all of these issue have a logical explanation and nothing nefarious happened there. But it’s also possible that this is just the tip of the fraud iceberg. It would take very little skilled investigative resources and a bit of SIGINT, to either confirm or deny the voting fraud claims. An independent digital scan of the GA ballots images (which can be downloaded from multiple sources in a minute) would quickly help confirm the voting numbers. This scan would also be able to easily pickup show stoppers such as homemade ballots, ones that lack a fold line (i.e. ones that were never mailed), or signature by a person other than the voter.

It would behoove all parties if the feds appoint a special counsel to factually get to the bottom of this ASAP. because, If they don’t, this event will enter the history books as the defining example of voter fraud and destroy public trust in electronic voting in US.

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Image 7
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