Hunter Biden’s Personal Fixer Service

Biden Grand Auto Thetf Edition

Acts like teleportation and turning invisible require a powerful wizard and some serious magic. Ilich Ramírez Sanchez AKA ‘Carlos the Jackal’, used to perform these types of magic tricks for years. He would execute complex terror attacks or an assassination and then he’d disappear without a trace. He moved around Europe, the Middle East, and African using a elaborate network of safe houses. He had access to unlimited cash, high grade explosives, weapons, and authentic travel documents. Yet despite spending millions of dollars and tens of thousands of man-hours, western intelligence was unable to lay their hands on him.

So how exactly did the Jackal’s magic work? It’s simple, he was shielded by the KGB, who collaborated with the intelligence agencies of several Arab countries including Libya and Syria which facilitated his activity. The moment the KGB decided to drop him, the magic ended and he was immediately tracked and arrested.

Hunter Biden’s escapades also resemble this type of magic. His questionable business dealing and practices aside, if you consider the allegations of sexual abuse of a minor, the volumes of cocaine he purchased, the illegal sex solicitation in multiple jurisdictions, and his relationship with some real seedy characters, it’s mind boggling how Hunter didn’t light up a police vice squad radar in every jurisdiction he visited or become the target of a major federal probe.

So, what was Hunter’s secret power? It turns out that his ability to walk through walls could be attributed to an all-powerful fixer and enabler service. The composite below may help demystify the question of how he managed to get away with this conduct for years.

Hunter's Personal Fixers
Image 1: We are at the door, Open it. A sample IM exchange between Hunter and one of his fixers.

Click to access a-mystery-to-myself-8-15-17.pdf

Document 1: Hunter’s poem “A Mystery to Myself”. Written on 8/15/17 at 3:35 AM

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How to Solicit with a Mouse Click
Hunter Biden’s Pornhub Page
The Hunter Biden Texts
Hunter Biden Laptop Images Are Authentic

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How to Solicit with a Mouse Click

How to Solicit with a mouse click

To the “Buying Sex is a Crime” abolitionist groups, take note!  The following contains a sampling of one of many of Hunter Biden’s ‘sex hookups’. During this specific session he:

  1. Accessed and viewed his public Pornhub site with the prostitute. His Porhub site contains an image of a female family member
  2. Shared personal information with the prostitute about his vocation, family, and kids
  3. Perused his digital family album with the prostitute. The album contained images of a minor and his father Joe Biden, and other Biden family members 
  4. Bragged about participating in twosomes, threesomes and sevensomes
  5. Boasted that he himself and another man he knew had a threesome with a woman
  6. Showed interest in participation in an orgy

Coordinating Pickup and Drop off
Image 1:
The logistics and coordination of one enchanted night

Robert Hunter Porn Hub-2
Image 2:
Sample content viewed during the hook up

Robert Hunter Porn Hub-3
Image 3:
Sample content viewed during the hook up

It seems that fate has a well-developed sense of irony and a sardonic humor: At the beginning of Hunter’s sex exploitation marathon, you can hear a TV program in the background in which President Trump talks about the evils of sex trafficking and the exploitation of women. If Hunter just paid a little attention to the speech, he could have learned about the nationwide drug, trafficking, and sexual exploitation problem—which he seems to thrive on. 

So what is the relevance of this and why does the public have the right to know? Beyond the obvious issues of soliciting for prostitution (a class A misdemeanor in his location at the time) and purchasing hard drugs on a wholesale scale, Hunter’s conduct is another confirmation of the allegations leveled against him by his former wife and another female family member. But even more importantly, this and dozens of other solid evidence completely disproves Joe Biden’s assertion that the claims against Hunter are all just vicious lies and that he didn’t know about the illegal conduct.

It is also worthy of note that both are attorneys and officers of the court and should held to a higher professional, ethical, and criminal standards. As such, they should be publically investigated by the DOJ and the Bar Association.  

Drugs and Prostitiuton HQ at 48 Pond St, East Haven, CT Dianna Pagano
Image 4: Linkage identifying Dianna Pagano, one Hunter’s drugs and sex worker suppliers

*** Update 01/06/2021 ***

On December 29, 2020, WaPo published an article titled: ”Under Biden, the Justice Department is expected to again police the police.” The piece describes the dawn of the golden age of DOJ and local LEA collaboration. In this futuristic model the DOJ will benevolently supervise the local PDs to ensure that they adhere to a highest levels of policing standards. In one paragraph titled “A collaborative model”,  they write:

“Lennon’s (East Haven Police Chief Ed Lennon) been asked to spread the word about East Haven’s successes across the country. He talks about effective tweaks to the hiring process, modern training techniques in de-escalation and how to delegate oversight to supervising officers — but mostly at places like the Harvard Kennedy School and the FBI Academy.”

What the WaPo article fails to mention is that Jonathan Andino, the officer seen the article’s cover image, arrested Dianna Pagano in 2018 for the same charges and the same address, so the 2019 arrest should have led to a stiff sentence (she also had a open container conviction from 2003). But, magically, most of the charges against Pagano vanished. At least part of this magic came from the DOJ, which was aware of the identity of Hunter Biden, her most prominent client.

East Haven PD and the DOJ
Image 5
: Officer Jonathan Andino and the Dianna Pagano linkage

* Credit and thanks to Arthur Bloom for posting 

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Hunter Biden’s Pornhub Page
The Hunter Biden Texts
Hunter Biden Laptop Images Are Authentic

Sex trafficking discussion heard on TV is taken from a 01/20/2019 President Trump WH speech (see segment at: 48:40)

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Hunter Biden’s Pornhub Page

Hunter Biden's Revenge Porn Site

The following is the confirmed and validated Pornhub profile of RHEast AKA droidhunter, AKA Harper, AKA Hunter Biden. Some of the content uploaded to the site includes him and a Biden family female member.

Hunter Biden Pornhub Profile
Image 1: The Hunter Biden Pornhub page using the aliases RHEast, droidhunter, and Harper and a sampling of the imagery and video uploaded to that account

In 2018-2019 Hunter Biden visited and updated his Pornhub profile page on multiple occasions. In one such visit, on February 20, 2018, traced to the Blake Street hotel room # 315, starting at 11:45 PM EST, he spent the night with a sex worker that he paid for and transported using an Uber service. During the encounter, he logged into his Pornhub site using the hotel’s WiFi network and shared with the escort his porn collection and ‘homemade’ productions.

*** Update 10/30/2020 ***

This is in response to a comment from a reader regarding Hunter’s right to privacy vs. the public’s right to know:

“I don’t see the point of releasing the videos, or exposing his Pornhub account. Hunter is an adult. He’s also not running for office. His bedroom habits have nothing to do with Joe. In what way does the value of this info outweigh Hunter’s privacy interests? Why does the public need this info? Am I missing something here? I am genuinely asking. Emails and texts indicating Joe’s corruption: Bring it on. But what purpose does releasing his Pornhub identity serve? If not only to embarrass him?”

My purpose in publishing this content was to provide supporting evidence that corroborates the allegations made by Hunter’s former wife and another female family member about his inappropriate sexual conduct with her daughter (who at the time was and is still a minor).

Hunter’s Pornhub site contains a nude image of a female family member. If used without her  permission (which is highly likely), it could be classified as revenge porn. In Connecticut where this content was viewed with a prostitute, it could be a class A misdemeanor, in Delaware (his home state), it could be a class G felony. Keep in mind that the same female family member accused Hunter on multiple occasions to Joe, Jim, and Jill Biden of engaging in exactly this type of behavior but was shut down by the family. Her specific complaint to Hunter’s father and mother was that Hunter was “walking around naked watching porn masturbating, and doing drugs” in front of her daughter who was a minor.

So, how does this links to Joe Biden? Both, Joe and Hunter’s uncle Jim knew about these allegations and colluded with Hunter to suppress the mother’s complaints. Or as Hunter’s uncle Jim put it:

“…we can both (him and Joe) shove it (her concerns) down her fucking throat!!!!”

The issue here is not the sensational nature of Hunter owning a Porhub page, but rather that we have material evidence of possible sexual child abuse and proof of criminal conduct, financial impropriety, political corruption, and foreign compromise. If this involved any other family in the US, the CPS/police/Feds would have kicked their door down in minutes and dragged them out by their hair. But not in this case! No one took any action to protect the child. Even now, despite the clear and undisputable proof, the media is still aggressively suppressing the story and arguing that this is a Russian hoax. Even Fox news via Tucker Carlson continues to shield/enable the Bidens on the basis that this is a personal issue and that they shouldn’t be scrutinized.

In terms of how credible these allegations are, I’ll cite one of many examples, Hunter himself confessed that the mother of the minor who accused him of sex abuse threw out his gun because she feared for her and her children’s lives. The FBI, Secret Service, and local law enforcement were involved in the investigation, and yet, no one took any action, in fact, the opposite happned, they continued to enable Hunter’s abusive behavior.

So, yes, I believe that the public has the right to know. And we all have the duty to demand a public hearing and an independent investigation.

*** Update 12/25/2020 ***

Hunter’s Pornhub page which has been dormant for close to a year has just been accessed and changed. The modifications to the page include removing the desktop image of female family member and replacing it with a generic image and the removal of several personal images and videos.

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Justine Coleman from The Hill is A Manipulative Media Hack
Hunter Biden Laptop Images Are Authentic
50 former intelligence officials warn NY Post story sounds like Russian disinformation – The Hill
Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say – Politico

Hunter Purnhub page linkage
Image 2: Hunter’s Purnhub page content authenticated linkage

The Guide to Hunter Biden’s Porn Hub Awards
Image 3
: The guide to Hunter Biden’s Pornhub awards

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The Hunter Biden Texts

Please stop

We don’t often see the movement of our political power clockwork, but every so often a little gap in the curtain opens and you get a glimpse of the machinery. Hunter Biden’s laptop is one of these rare insights. After analyzing some of laptop content, I can with certainty that no, there is no single little man who is pulling the leavers and speaking into the load speaker. Rather, there are legions of the gray and faceless bureaucrats, armies of willing enablers in the media, senior and mid-level management at various LEA, DOJ, IC, State Department, and the swarms of local politicians. Each contributing their widow’s mite to prop-up ‘’the big guy’ and his network, in hope that in return, a few scraps from master’s table would fall on their lap. Yes, the travel papers may say a ‘Constitutional Republic’, but, it reality, it’s the good ol’ lord vassal feudal system. 

The following sampling of IMs illustrates what it means to be untouchable.

Child Abuse DrugTexts Details
Image 1: Full text thread of one conversation between Hunter Biden and a family member discussing various topics such as alleged inappropriate sexual conduct with a family minor (Click on image to zoom)

Hunter Biden Text -1
Image 2
: Part-1

Hunter Biden Text -2
Image 3
: Part-2

Hunter Biden Text -3
Image 4
: Part-3

Hunter Biden Text -4
Image 5
: Part-4 (see supporting visual in Image 6)

Visual Nerrative
Image 6
: “Walking around naked, watching porn, masturbating (on a live cam), and doing drugs”

Hunter Biden Text -5
Image 7: Part-5

Child Abuse Texts
Image 8
: Sampling of several other text threads between Hunter Biden and family and business associates alleging inappropriate sexual conduct with a family minor (Click on image to zoom in).  The communications clearly show that his father, mother, and uncle were aware of the charges against him by the mother of the minor but colluded to suppress the evidence

Jim and Hunter Biden Profiles
Image 9: Sampling of two authenticated user profiles who participated in the messaging conversations

A loaded gun
Image 10
: Second conversation confirming Hunter’s gun related incident (see Image 4: Part-3).  “She (Hallie Biden) tossed out the gun where a kid could have blown his sister’s head off”.  In Delaware where this incident took place, the resulting unsafe storage of the handgun was a class A or B misdemeanor

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Justine Coleman from The Hill is A Manipulative Media Hack
Hunter Biden Laptop Images Are Authentic
50 former intelligence officials warn NY Post story sounds like Russian disinformation – The Hill
Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say – Politico

LFH4 Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children
Stated mission: We believe that child abuse can be prevented through educating adults and children, developing the next generation of child welfare professionals and strengthening child protection laws around the country.

Note: The Beau Foundation board of directors includes luminaries such as the honorable Louis Freeh, who is a former judge and the director of the FBI (1993-2001).

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Beware of Chinese Bearing Gifts

Lies Beneath

There are a number of images that have been posted on the G-TV site that make false claims about the individuals seen in the Hunter Biden laptop imagery.

One example is a photo showing a naked woman on a bed that suggests that this is Malia, President Obama’s daughter. This identification is false. Despite the fact that the G-TV site contains some genuine content, they frequently misidentify the location, context, and individuals seen in these images and videos. Their reasoning for doing so is unclear, it could driven by circulation or by some kind of a political agenda.

False Identificaotin of Malia Obama
Image 1: A frame from a video posted on the G-TV website misidentifying the woman (POI-1) on the bed as Malia, President Obama’s daughter

West Hollywood
Image 2: The POI-1 seen in bed in Image 1 was taken in a rented villa during a sex party in 2018

No match POI-1 and Malia Obama
Image 3
: POI-1 failed to match Malia Obama on face recognition and body geometry 

A note to whomever is posting these false narratives: there is plenty of damning material on the hard drive that speaks for itself, you don’t have to further ‘enhance’ it by making up ludicrous claims, spreading fictitious stories about the rape of under age Chinese girls, or defaming an innocent person like Malia Obama.

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Justine Coleman from The Hill is A Manipulative Media Hack
Hunter Biden Laptop Images Are Authentic
50 former intelligence officials warn NY Post story sounds like Russian disinformation – The Hill
Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say – Politico

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No Russians Need Apply

Corrupt Reporter and Former IC Official

On October 19, 2020 in a document entitled “Public Statement on the Hunter Biden Emails”, more than 50 former US intel officials signed a propaganda letter saying they believe the Hunter Biden laptop and email stories had ‘all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation’.

They stated:

“There are a number of factors that make us suspicious of Russian involvement. Such an opera<on would be consistent with Russian objec<ves, as outlined publicly and recently by the Intelligence Community, to create poli<cal chaos in the United States and to deepen poli<cal divisions here but also to undermine the candidacy of former Vice President Biden and thereby help the candidacy of President Trump. For the Russians at this point, with Trump down in the polls, there is incen<ve for Moscow to pull out the stops to do anything possible to help Trump win and/or to weaken Biden should he win. A “laptop op” fits the bill, as the publica<on of the emails are clearly designed to discredit Biden.”

This letter is a textbook example of what is wrong with many of our current and former intelligence officials. On the professional front, if this is what they truly believe based on elevating the evidence, then, they are completely incompetent. On the other hand, if this is a political gambit, then it shows that they are morally bankrupt and untrustworthy. Misleading public statements like that are designed to subvert the truth, deceive the public, and pay political homage. Regardless if its incompetence, malice or both, it’s a reenactment of the biblical Sin of the Spies

In his “Discredited Intel “Professionals” Push Lie About Russian Interference”, Larry Johnson shares this sentiment.  He wrote:

“Their inability to grasp basic facts and engage in simple reasoning perhaps explains why the Obama team abandoned American military and intelligence officials at Benghazi in September 2012 and why they considered ISIS as “a junior varsity” team.”

No, dear senior former intelligence officers, Hunter’s laptop and emails saga aren’t your imaginary Russians again. The repair shop that handled Hunter Biden’s equipment is confirmed to have received the three damaged laptops directly from Hunter Biden in person and we have plenty of evidence to tie Hunter to the transaction.

For example, he personally signed on the work order on June 13th (and agreed to the 90 day abandonment terms). His signature on the computer repair work order matches his known signature and other verified documents and artifacts including: corporate resolutions, credit cards, payment records, contracts, and other official documents.

Hunter also came back to the repair shop a few days later and picked up two of the three laptops. During his second visit he dropped-off a data recovery USB drive for the third laptop (which we can prove as well). In terms of chain of custody verification, the third laptop is now in FBI custody, which can be easily used to authenticate the data and claims made by outlets like the NY Post. 

So what are the exact basis for the media claims that this is a Russian influence operation? Do perjurers and liars like James Clapper, Michael Hayden, Leon Panetta, and John Brennan have us seriously believe that the Russians somehow convinced Hunter Biden to drop of his laptop at that specific repair shop and then to abandon it?

Signiture validation
Image 1: Hunter Biden’s verified signature on the equipment repair work order

ID Validation
Image 2
: Sampling of documents used to authenticate Hunter Biden’s identify and signature

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Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say – Politico
Justine Coleman from The Hill is a Manipulative Media Hack

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Amy Coney Barrett The Harbinger of Good

ACB shows her notepad

In an era where comets were considered the harbinger of death and wars, 13th century scholar Albertus Magnus wrote:

“Now it must be asked if we can comprehend why comets signify the death of magnates and coming wars, for writers of philosophy say so. The reason is not apparent, since vapor no more rises in a land where a pauper lives than where a rich man resides, whether he be king or someone else. Furthermore, it is evident that a comet has a natural cause not dependent on anything else; so it seems that it has no relation to someone’s death or to war. For if it be said that it does relate to war or someone’s death, either it does so as a cause or effect or sign.”

Amy Coney Barrett the harbinger of good
Image 1: Albertus Magnus  by Joos (Justus) van Gent, Urbino, c. 1475 and ACB 2020

Comets don’t bring death, wars nor pestilence, and neither will Amy Coney Barrett. She is one of the most stable, eloquent, rational, intelligent, and able judges we’ve seen. The fact that she preaches the separation of church and state should clear any remaining doubts about her suitability for office. The arguments that ACB is ‘too Christian’ for the job are similar to the claims made over hundred years ago against admitting the ‘too Jewish’ Louis Brandeis.

During the 1916 confirmation hearings, the opposition to Brandeis was virulent. The press attacked his character and downplayed his qualifications. Harvard’s President A. Lawrence Lowell — who urged establishing quotas for admitting Jews to the school and segregating them in separate dormitories on campus—collected over fifty signatories to a petition objecting to Brandeis’ nomination. The names on his list included leading members of the American Bar Association such as Taft and Elihu Root. More than forty witnesses and known figures from the losing side of cases that Brandeis had prosecuted spoke before the committee against him, disguising their personal animus in rhetoric about dishonorable and unprofessional conduct.

Just like in the Brandeis case, the frenzied attacks and wild howling against ACB are driven by  superstition and bigotry. This display of raw hate also reminds me of another time in history: that of the Malleus Maleficarum, when strong and independent women were charged with witchcraft and burnt at the stake by the tens of thousands.

References and Sources
Separation Between the Garden of the Church and the Wilderness of the World
Roger Williams the 17th century founder of Providence Rhode Island and the founding father of the founding fathers wrote that Church-state separation was essential for the health of both the state and the church. Williams asserted that there should be a “hedge or wall of Separation between the Garden of the Church and the Wilderness of the world.” When that wall or hedge was breached, he argued, it was necessary to rebuild it. Williams’ language is very similar to Jefferson’s metaphor of “a wall of separation between church and state.”

2 Chronicles 19:5-7
”He appointed judges in the land in all the fortified cities of Judah, city by city. He said to the judges, Consider what you are doing, for you do not judge for man but for the Lord who is with you when you render judgment. Now then let the fear of the Lord be upon you; be very careful what you do, for the Lord our God will have no part in unrighteousness or partiality or the taking of a bribe.”

Anti-Semitism on the U.S. Supreme Court – Warren Boroson
Wilson – Scott Berg (pages 400 – 402)

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Operation Snort

Operation Snort

There are currently a number of images circulating on social media that purport to depict Hunter Biden snorting cocaine off the backside of a prostitute. 

These images are being falsely attributed to Hunter Biden. The sources of these uploads are several progressive media outlets like Thunder Walks About. This seems to be a part of a wider discreditation operation that aims to attack the credibility of the recently released authentic Hunter Biden images and email. 

Hunter Bided snorting fake
Image 1
: The fake post on Twitter. Within an hour of this post at 4:50 PM it received 636 retweets and 2.3K likes

The concept behind distributing this misinformation is to have these images circulate for a while and wait for some conservative users or media to start sharing them. Once this happens, the fabricators will point out the source of these images and use it to attack the credibility of the individual who referenced it. The end result is that the false information will end up discrediting the people who shared and used it.

Alisson Becker
Image 2: L-R, Image falsely purporting to show Hunter Biden snoring cocaine off the backside of a prostitute and the two images showing the actual source footage.

Smoking Crack
Image 3
: Sampling of authenticated imagery of Hunter Biden smoking crack with various escorts

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Justine Coleman from The Hill is A Manipulative Media Hack
Hunter Biden Laptop Images Are Authentic
Need a Nazi for a Project, but Can’t Find One? Here’s How to Make One Up

Down the Discreditation Rabbit Hole

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Justine Coleman from The Hill is A Manipulative Media Hack

Justine Coleman is an media hack

On October 15, 2020 at 9:20 PM, Justin Coleman, a breaking news reporter with The Hill, published a ±640 word piece entitled

Intelligence officials warned Trump that Giuliani was target of Russian influence campaign

On the same day at 11:05 PM (105 minutes later), she rushed to publish a second ±880 word piece entitled:

Feds investigating if alleged Hunter Biden emails connected to foreign intelligence operation

In the first article, Coleman claimed that four former US intelligence officials that were ‘familiar with the matter’ said that the Hunter Biden emails and images published by the New Your Post are part of an influence operation by Russian intelligence. In the second article, she repeated the same propaganda claim and added that the materials weren’t published by Twitter and Facebook because they violated their “hacked materials policy”.

Ignoring for a second the unfounded claim that these documents were obtained by Russian intelligence when they hacked Burisma. Coleman’s allegations about the inability to authenticate the emails and that the images are fabricated seem legitimate…that is, until you evaluate the actual evidence, her credentials to make these statements, and her sources. Running Coleman through various analytics shows the following:

  1. She is a new hire at The Hill. According to her resume and bio, she has little SEM experience beyond a few fluffy internships.
  2. She ‘lifted’ the articles from an NBC News piece by Ken Dilanian (the prince of impeachment) and a WaPo piece written by Ellen Nakashima (the queen of Russian collusion).
  3. She was instructed by her editor to publish the piece ‘as is’ with no independent verification of sources or their claims.
  4. The pieces were published by The Hill to help ‘amplify’ Dilanian’s NBC and Nakashima’s WaPo articles.
  5. All of Coleman’s, Dilanian’s, and Nakashima’s works are completely circular. None of these articles have even one substantiated piece of evidence.
  6. None of the reporters participating in this influence operations nor the mysterious intelligence officers provide any factual explanations of the evidence. None has actually evaluated the source materials (which is what any half-decent investigative reporter or an intelligence analyst would do).

 Justin Coleman LinkedIn Justin Coleman Resume
Image 1: The investigative journalistic credentials of Justine Coleman

What about Justine Coleman’s expertise writing about national security and intelligence? Don’t bother looking for them, they are non existent. Her largest on-line footprint for original investigative work is her 8th grade science project. In this article, her ”Key to Awesomeness” is described as:

“Her science fair experiment was to determine how detergents, and the temperature of the water, affected stain removal.  “My experiment, basically, consisted of staining cotton pieces, washing them with different detergents and in different temperatures of water, and measuring the results,” said Justine.

To summarize it in a non-scientific language, she discovered that some of the stains came out, while others remained on the fabric, and that water temperature does, in fact, affect stain removal.

This basically concludes the listing of Justine Coleman’s professional qualifications to opine on any national security or intelligence matter or the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s images and emails.

Justine Coleman
Image 2
: Justine Coleman The national security and intelligence intern reporter who also discovered that water temperature and detergent type effects stain removal

Justine Coleman Student
Video 1
: October 2019, the George Washington University’s School of Media journalism student Justine Coleman expressing her disbelief that something that she wrote was worthy of publication by WaPo

Clearly, Coleman is somebody’s sock puppet. It didn’t take much to figure out that Ellen Nakashima was part of the brain behind this little political influence operation. So what’s the deal with Nakashima? If you are not familiar with this journalistic seraph, she is the reigning queen of the Russian DNC hack narrative. In May-June 2016, she actively colluded with Crowdstrike and the DNC’s senior leadership to develop the Russian source of the DNC hack claim. She then published that story on June 14, 2016. Then as now, she argued that the damaging DNC emails (the ones that describe how the DNC torpedoed Bernie Sanders) couldn’t be authenticated. On December 22, 2016, Nakashima again knowingly published and pimped another false article that promoted the Crowdstrike debunked claim that the Russians hacked the Ukrainian artillery using the same APT techniques they allegedly used on the DNC. 

What about the identity of the four anonymous former US intelligence officials that provided Nakashima with this information? It turns out that they are not anonymous at all. Just like the case of the four blind mice, they are mere literary devices, they don’t exist! As with the DNC hack fiction, Nakashima completely made them up and then used reporters like Coleman and information laundromats like the Hill to amplify the story. 

Bottom line is that the Hunter Biden materials published by the New York Post have been proven authentic. The same applies to other digital materials from the laptop such as video, images, texts, and emails. The attacks on the validity of the Biden laptop materials are a misdirection that is designed to suppress the irrefutable evidence of a Biden family criminal conduct and the complacency of various state and federal authorities in prosecuting it. It goes without saying that none of the hyena investigative reporters that until recently howled about the validity of the Trump Russian collusion bothered to lift a finger in an attempt to validate Hunter’s laptop materials, which are an order of magnitude worse than anything even alleged in the Steele dossier.

The real question that we should all be asking is not if the Biden materials are authentic, they are. But rather, how/why are RICO syndicates like the NYT and WaPo allowed without any legal consequences to shield/enable the Biden’s conduct?

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A Sampling from Ellen Nakashima’s Russian Collusion Repertoire
White House was warned Giuliani was target of Russian intelligence operation to feed misinformation to Trump – Oct 15, 2020

Microsoft seeks to disrupt Russian criminal botnet it fears could seek to sow confusion in the presidential election – Oct 12, 2020

Russia trying to stoke societal tensions and white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the United States, new DHS report says  – Oct 6, 2020

Mueller report highlights scope of election security challenge – April 20, 2019

Through email leaks and propaganda, Russians sought to elect Trump – April 18, 2019

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Hunter Biden Laptop Images Are Authentic


The following composite shows the results of a image authentication and evaluation tests performed on images from the Hunter Biden laptop collection. The Biden campaign and various MSM apologists claims that they are fakes. The results of the image analysis beg to differ:

  1. The two images match Hunter Biden on face recognition within a 98% certainty (using a validated image as the reference) 
  2. The object in Hunter Biden’s mouth matched a glass crack pipe within a 93% certainty 
  3. Both images came back as negative on a wide range of tampering and deepfake manipulations

Conclusion, these are authentic images within a probability >90%.

Hunter Biden Laptop Images
Image 1:
Authentication and validation of two images from the ‘Hunter Biden laptop’ collection

If you are not getting the relevance of Vadym Pozharskyi, the top Burisma adviser emailing Hunter asking for “advice on how you could use your influence”, the following composite may be of some help. Seen below is Vadym Pozharskyi in situ at an Atlantic Council event with former senior state department officials in the Obama administration including: Evelyn Farkas, Ambassador John Herbst, and Ambassador Roman Popadiuk. All hard at work unselfishly promoting the interests of Burisma.

AC John Herbst and Farkas

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Sampling of the Tests Performed on Imagery
Based AI based face recognition and deepfake detection. I’ve also performed a battery of forensic image analysis tests that included functions such as:

Double Quantization – These types of inconsistencies occur when a foreign object is inserted in a JPEG image. When the new image is saved, the untampered part of the image will have been compressed twice, while the inserted region only once. In this case, the tampered area should appear red while the rest of the image blue. If other colors are present (green, yellow) then no conclusion can be made.

Error Level Analysis –  These types of inconsistencies are produced by recompressing the image as a JPEG of quality 75 and subtracting the new image from the old. The resulting image of differences is then enhanced and displayed. Areas of interest are those with higher values than other similar parts of the image. Only similar regions should be compared, i.e. edges should be compared to edges, textures to textures, and uniform regions to uniform regions. Color discrepancies (commonly blue regions) are also generally suspicious.

Median Noise Residuals – These type of inconsistencies are based on isolating the almost-invisible image noise through median filtering. When interpreting the results, areas of interest are those that return higher (i.e. brighter) values than other similar parts of the image. Only similar regions are compared, i.e. edges are compared to edges, textures to textures, and uniform regions to uniform regions.

Compression anomalies 1 – JPEG compression operates in an 8-by-8 grid, which is near-invisible but detectable. Adding or moving an object on an image may locally disrupt this grid. The GRIDS algorithm seeks such discrepancies, and highlights them locally. The algorithm produces local red/orange “blobs” where it detects grid discrepancies. Generally, the GRIDS algorithm is less distracted by textures in the image, and focuses on grid disturbances.

Compression anomalies 2 – JPEG compression operates in an 8-by-8 grid, which is near-invisible but detectable. Adding or moving an object on an image may locally disrupt this grid. The GRIDS-Inverse algorithm is complementary to GRIDS in seeking such discrepancies. The algorithm produces local blue “blobs” where it detects grid discrepancies. Generally, the GRIDS algorithm is less distracted by textures in the image, and focuses on grid disturbances. However, it should mostly be interpreted in combination with other algorithm outputs that highlight the same regions.

Compression anomalies 3 – JPEG compression operates in an 8-by-8 grid, which is near-invisible but detectable. Adding or moving an object on an image may locally disrupt this grid. The BLOCK algorithm detects the image grid and looks for local discrepancies. Any coherent region with different color to its surroundings may correspond to tampering, although reds and yellows against a blue background are the most typical indication of tampering.

Compression anomalies 4 – The JPEG Ghosts algorithm is based on recompressing the image in multiple different qualities and subtracting each of them from the original. The resulting difference images are post-processed to highlight regions that stand out and are likely to originate from a different JPEG image. Then, the images most likely to contain interesting findings are selected (i.e. those that feature localized inconsistencies). Consistent yellow regions against a blue background may correspond to traces of tampering, especially if they do not correspond to edges, but to entire regions.

Noise anomalies – Each image carries invisible, high-frequency noise that is the result of the capturing process as well as the compression. The Discrete Wavelet Noise algorithm filters the image and calculates the local noise distribution at each part of the image. Regions that differ from the rest of the image are highlighted in strong red, and are likely to originate from other images.

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