Down the Discreditation Rabbit Hole

Down the Discreditation Rabbit Hole

Over the past few days an elaborate on-line narrative has started gaining traction proposing that the killing of George Floyd was a staged incident. The claim is that Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer who killed George Floyd is not the person currently in police custody or could be the actor Benjamin Ray Bailey. 

One likely explanation for why this story is being circulated is that its part of an information discreditation similar to the Eric Ciaramella misidentification, Ilhan Omar at an Antifa riot, and Need a Nazi for a project campaigns.

Derek Chauvin vs. Benjamin Bailey
Image 1: The results of various video analytics on the images of Derek Chauvin and Benjamin Ray Bailey

Fellow fish citizens, beware of the bait! Hopefully the following conclusive results will put this little conspiracy to rest. 

  1. The Person of Interest 1 F (POI-1 F) identified as Derek Chauvin in the police booking images matched within 99% certainty the image of the uniformed police officer seen in the video kneeling on George Floyd.
  2. POI-1 F matched within 99% certainty the image of POI-2 identified as Derek Chauvin in the police booking images. 
  3. The ear geometry of POI-1 S identified in the police booking images as Derek Chauvin matched the officer in uniform seen kneeling on George Floyd within 97% certainty. 
  4. The height of the officer seen kneeling on George Floyd is ~ 5’-9”.  This did not match the height of Benjamin Ray Bailey who is ~ 6’-6”.
  5. Benjamin Bailey’s image did not match the image of the officer in uniform seen kneeling on George Floyd.
  6. The ear geometry of Benjamin Bailey Object of Interest 2 (OOI-2) did not match the ear geometry of OOI-1 in the image of POI-1 S identified in the police booking images as Derek Chauvin. 

References and Sources
XRVision Sentinel AI Platform – Face recognition, image reconstruction, and object classification

Note on Image Sourcing:
All Derek Chauvin’s images were acquired from these primary sources. All images were tested for deepfake content and post editing. 

  1. Booking photos taken on on May 29, 2020, at the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office.
  2. Booking photos taken on May 30, 2020, at the Hennepin County Jail.
  3. Booking photos taken on May 31, 2020, at the Oak Park Minnesota correctional Facility.
  4. Minnesota beauty pageant competition footage recorded on June 23, 2018.

What is a Discreditation Operation
Information discreditation is a form of character assassination and black propaganda. It entails the deliberate production and publication of information that is either completely or partially false and the distribution of such misinformation on various on-line or print platforms. Soon after the misinformation starts showing up in derivative works, news feeds, etc. or reaches some other level of engagement, the authors points out the false information and uses it to attack the credibility of the individual(s) who used, referenced, and/or distributed it. The end result is that the false information ends up discrediting the people who consumed and shared it.

*** Update 06/12/2020 ***
Apparently, the current conspiracy theory has just spawned another conspiracy theory claiming that George Floyd’s fiancé, Courtney Ross is Derek Chauvin. Running the analytics shows that the images of Courtney do not match Chauvin on gender, age, or facial features.

Courtney Ross vs. Derek Chauven
Image 2: The results of various video analytics comparing the images of Courtney Ross and Derek Chauven.

Copyright 2020 Yaacov Apelbaum, All Rights Reserved.

23 thoughts on “Down the Discreditation Rabbit Hole

  1. Thank you, Yaacov! There have been so many lies and it has become hard to trust the media or politicians about much of anything. I have read some of your previous analyses and your work is so impressive and thorough. I truly appreciate your efforts and pray for you to stay safe and active.


    • Yaakov, you have been quiet for an unusually long time during our nation’s most perilous period since World War II. This post was over a month ago. I hope all is well with you and your family. I fantasize that you are working on a fabulous piece exposing one of our nation’s enemies for who they are beyond any shadow of a doubt, or that some virtuous entity has hired you to generate evidence in the the ongoing battle for liberty and the Republic that most are unaware is even going on. But most of all I just hope you and your family are safe in these disturbing times.


  2. Excellent work, Yaacov, although the more interesting part of the story, involves the establishment they both worked for, the owner who went to prison about 17 years ago, a mr sabri, who has some interesting ties to the green part of the red green alliance, so that establishment might not be on the up and up as it were,


    • Hi Migual,

      George Floyd and Derek Chauvin didn’t work directly for Basim Sabri (see his profile below). El Nuevo Rodeo was operated by Maya Santamaria. Mona Sabri, Basim’s niece owned the building through Omar Investments, Inc. Still, it’s an anomaly. First you have the classical layering and integration techniques that Sabri used through Omar Investments, Inc. Then, you have all these unsavory characters operating in the same space and time.


  3. conservative treehouse, that brought this aspect of the story to light, as they did with zimmerman eight years ago, the earliest example of weaponized race based lawfare,


    • Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know that Sundance = Conservative Treehouse. I don’t personally know any of these writers, but thy have great content on their site. I’m not entirely sure that this has much to do with race. Seems more like an Red October style insurrection and/or armed rebellion.


  4. Thanks for squashing this meme largely targeting online schizophrenics, and providing a coherent description of how to run a Discreditation Operation. More people need to understand this concept.

    If you have time it would be interesting to run “Courtney Ross”, Floyd’s girlfriend who some claimed looked like Chauven.

    Google image search EZeXcFEWsAg4B3y.jpeg for the meme.


  5. Who killed Seth Rich? After so many years why doesn’t someone ask Julan Assange-download on a thumb drive from a leaker or hack from Russia? Why would Mark Warner try to block information from Assange? How evil were the people involved in Spygate?

    On Tue, Jun 9, 2020 at 1:09 PM The Illustrated Primer wrote:

    > Yaacov Apelbaum posted: ” Over the past few days an elaborate on-line > narrative has started gaining traction proposing that the killing of George > Floyd was a staged incident. The claim is that Derek Chauvin, the > Minneapolis police officer who killed George Floyd is or could be th” >


  6. This is an amazing analysis of the differences between Ben Bailey and the man in the police photos of ‘Chauvin’ in the lockup and it is pretty evident that they are 2 different people. What you have missed is the comparison between the ‘police officer’ at the scene and Ben Bailey. This will give you a whole different set of data. From the photos you will see in this post below, you will see a few photos showing the comparisons between the ‘police officer’ and ‘Chauvin’ in ear structure; eye placement and ear placement. These are clearly 2 different guys. Similar looking but definitely not the same. So who are these 2 different guys? Mmmm…
    Once you have done a comparison of the ‘police officer’ and Ben Bailey, I think you can probably answer who the ‘police officer’ is…. Looking forward to that data :-)


    • Thank you for your comment and link, Debbie.

      The images that you referenced show indications that they’ve been altered, so, they can’t be used to establish a baseline or for comparison. The image that I used of the officer at the site came from the original video sequence. That image (with the sunglasses on his forehead) matches the booking image that identifies the person as Derek Chauvin at the three correctional facilities.


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