How to Finance Your Congressional Campaign with Arms Sales

The DC Ukraine Mafia 4.0

Running for Congress? Short on cash or donations? No need to worry. Now, you too can finance your entire campaign through Ukrainian arms dealers. Igor, for example, will host the fundraising events in his $2+ million Washington DC brownstone (just one of several such houses he owns in the US). He will even throw in the Ukrainian Hors d’Oeuvres, Vodka, and Cigars.

Igor Pasternak luxury home in DC where in 2013 Adam Schiff had a fundraiser
Image 1
: Igor Pasternak’s luxury home in DC where in 2013 Adam Schiff used Igor Pasternak to host a fundraiser for his congressional election

And the best part is that you never have to worry about paying him back for any of these favors, because it’s all absolutely free, no strings attached. After all, everyone knows that Ukrainian arms dealers float the election campaign of congressional candidates like Adam Schiff, and Loretta Sanchez and socially and politically hub nob with Nancy Pelosi because they are just so cuddly and lovable.

If you don’t buy any of this, then the following Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and Alexandra Chalupa linkage below agrees with you.

Where is Igor
Image 2
: Where is Igor? Using the Sentinel AI based face recognition to locate a POI in a crowed of 500K people

Igor Pasternak
Image 3: How a Ukrainian arms dealer Igor Pasternak floated Adam Schiff’s 2013 election to Congress and Pasternak’s linkage to Nancy Pelosi and the Ukrainian influence network in the US

Ukraine Intelligence Assets in US
Image 4
: Notes from the desk of Yaroslav Brisiuck’s the Ukrainain Chargé d’affaires in Washington DC suggest that Alexandra Chalupa could be a long term Ukrainian intelligence asset

Alexandra Chalupa and Melanne Verveer Ukraine Political Network
Image 5
: Alexandra Chalupa, Melanne Verveer, and Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur’s Ukraine linkages. Chalupa held multiple intelligence briefing and debriefing sessions regarding president Trump with her handler Okana Shulyar and other Ukrainian embassy staff

Alexandra Chalupa and Trump Impeachment
Image 6: Alexandra Chalupe with a small sampling of friends like Michael Avantti, Linda Sarsour, and Andrew McCabe, and their on-going activity to impeach president Trump

References and Sourcing
Identifying Pasternak as Ukrainian and as an arms dealer is based on multiple sources including official ATF documents and press interviews with Pasternak. For example, an article titled ‘New Ukrainian M4-WAC47 rifle ‘a strong political message to Russia’ written by Illia Ponomarenko, published January 28, 2018 (using Pasternak as the source) states:

UkrOboronProm’s (One of Ukraine’s largest arms producers)…signing a memorandum of cooperation with the Aeroscraft (Pasternak’s company), a major aviation and weapons producer founded and directed by Ukrainian immigrant Igor Pasternak.   

In another example, on July 8, 2016, the KievPost reported:

“Pasternak found himself walking on Kyiv’s central square, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, where the central protest camp was based. “(At that moment) I understood that I am a Ukrainian,” Pasternak said during an interview on Ukrainian television’s Espreso TV shown on April 2015. Before seeing the EuroMaidan pro-tests, he identified as an American. Pasternak then started to visit Ukraine every month or two. In January, he signed a contract for Aeros to supply Ukraine’s State Border Service with a surveillance system to monitor the Sea of Azov.”

–  Please Join Igor Pasternak: Adam Schiff Fundraising Invitation RSVP
–  Schiff’s staffer travel to Ukraine: Travel cost was covered by the Atlantic Council
–  Aeroscraft a major weapons producer founded and directed by Ukrainian Igor Pasternak
–  CEO to Watch: – Pasternak identifying himself as a Ukrainian
–  Producing Ukraine’s New AK-M16 Mashup Rifle: Pasternak’s involvement in one arms deal
–  Providing surveillance equipment sale to Ukraine: Pasternak’s Ukrainian contracts
–  Ukraine to Buy 7.62 x 39 mm M16s… from Blimp Impresario?
–  FEC Complaint: DNC-Chalupa accepting assistance from Ukrainian embassy officials in

–  XRVision Sentinel AI Platform – Face recognition, image reconstruction, and object detection
–  The Mechanics of Deception: The Network, Actors, and the Genesis of the Steele Dossier

A Sampling of Igor Pasternak’s US real estate
Image 7: A sampling of Igor Pasternak’s US real estate

Alexandra Chalupa
Image 8
: The Chalupa family ‘political consulting business’

USAID Roman Woronowycz and Ivanna Voronovych
Image 9: The Pelosi Voronovych (Woronowycz) linkage part-1

Ivanna and Roman Voronovych
Image 10
: The Pelosi Voronovych (Woronowycz) linkage part-2

Ukraine Related Atlantic Council Linkage
Image 11: The Atlantic Council Ukraine linkage showing that Schiff is engaging in intelligence collection in Ukraine and his collaborator Geysha Gonzalez, an expert on disinformation, misinformation, and false information, and the Deputy Director of the Eurasia Center at the Atlantic Council

Geysha Gonzalez the Deputy Director of the Eurasia Center at the Atlantic Council discussing issues related to Russian information warfare during the 2016 elections

The NGO Profile of a Jihadi Cell
Image 12: The profile of one Ukrainian jihadi NGO which is a front for a foreign intelligence service

Where is Igor
Image 13: The Gigapixel mosaic on of the image sources used in the Pasternak face match searches. Source: CNN Trump Inauguration

Nancy Pelosi Features
Image 14: Multi-classifier verification for Nancy Pelosi’s identity using FR, hair parting style, body features such as hand geometry and age spots (on right hand), and the ‘tight lips’ facial expression

*** Update October 17 ***

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes – Who will Fact Check the Fact Checkers?
Shortly after uploading this post, I was contact by Saranac Spencer Hale, an an investigative reporter with Saranac asked me via email to verify that the images in the post were real.  She also inquired about the FR and AI analytics and wanted to know how the technology worked.  I provided her with the details and even demonstrated the Sentinel AI capabilities by running it against one node in of her social network (using her email address as the entry point).

After providing her all of these details, she never responded to my emails or gave me an opportunity to comment about what she was going to publish. Several days ago, she posted a misleading report that falsely claims that I’ve misidentified a Randy Credico as Igor Pasternak (the man Nancy Pelosi is shanking hands with in the middle of Image 14).

The fact is that I didn’t identify him at all because he was irrelevant to the linkage. The only reason he is shown in the picture is because several of Pelosi’s characteristics in that image were used by the AI classifier to verify her identify. These included face recognition, hair parting style, body features such as hand geometry and some age spots (on her right hand), and the ‘tight lips’ facial expression.

It is clear from the content of Saranac’s post and its mischaracterizations of the facts that this dishonest and deceitful behavior was purposeful and was designed to attack the linkage between Ukraine, Igor Pasternak, Adam Schiff, and Nancy Pelosi. This MO fits well into the whole genre of internet facts checkers who in reality are little more than crypto progressive political damage control and information warfare unit and a paid whitewashing services.

For the sake of transparency and to allow others who may want to get a first hand view of how the Internet fact checking process works, I posting the email thread with Saranac Spencer Hale.



I have read your fact check and would like to reference this comment:

Apelbaum told us through email that his company used facial recognition technology to identify Pasternak — although incorrectly in Credico’s case.”

Your false statement of me misidentifying Credico as Pasternack is both dishonest and deceitful. I have never claimed to identify Randy Credico as Igor Pasternack or labeled him as an arms dealer.  None of my images show Credico with Pasternack’s name.

Nancy Pelosi with Randy Credico

The image that you are referencing as being a misidentification was used to confirm the identity of Nancy Pelosi.  The relevance of the image with Credico is that it contained the following Pelosi reference objects:

  1. Pelosi’s age spots visible on her right hand (shaking hands with Randy Credico)
  2. Pelosi’s hand geometry
  3. Pelosi’s hair parting style
  4. Pelosi’s facial expression, specifically, her ‘tight lips’

These and other features were then used to confirm Pelosi’s identity in the image with Mr. Pasternak.

I was transparent with you about how our technology works and even went the extra mile to demonstrate the process on a person in your network. I expected that you would have had the decency to give me the courtesy to respond to your false claim before you published your article.   

But I guess, that is not how professional fact checkers with an agenda operate.

Best regards,


Igor Pasternak Nancy Pelosi Linkage Verification


Sent: Thursday, October 03, 2019 4:51 AM
To: ‘Spencer, Saranac Hale’ <>
Subject: RE: Reporter from

Hi Sara,

I wanted to follow-up on my last email. Will you be publishing the confirmation of the FR search you inquired about?

Also, find attached a sample run of the Sentinel AI against one person you know. The search used FR, object classifier, and GIS engine, and text analytics.  We constrained the parameters to a 60 seconds search, a single relationship node, and the detection of deepfake content. We also striped the search linkage and removed adult content, drugs, and firearm related matches found.

Let me know if you have any questions.


M Hale Spencer Sanitized


Sent: Monday, September 30, 2019 3:55 PM
To: ‘Spencer, Saranac Hale’ <>
Subject: RE: Reporter from

Hi Sara,

The high level overview of FR process is:

  1. Ingest any image source (real-time streaming video, video in files, newspapers, images, microfiche, illustrations, CCTV, mobile phone, etc.)
  2. Optimize the image (poor exposure, illumination, stability, rain, or fog, etc.)
  3. Reconstruct the image (remove occlusion, compensate for counter detection methods like sunglasses, fake beards or mustache, hats, and scarf)
  4. Create a 3D facial object so that it can be manipulated in space
  5. Perform a wide range of analytics on the object including face recognition, age, race, gender, emotional state.  We can also plug-in custom analytic such psychiatric and medical indicators
  6. Fuse and enrich the detection with other sources

I hope this help,



From: Spencer, Saranac Hale <>
Sent: Monday, September 30, 2019 2:29 PM
Subject: RE: Reporter from

Great – could you tell me how this technology works?  Do you use standard news video footage?  Also, were you able to confirm the identity of Igor Pasternak in the photo where he is shaking Nancy Pelosi’s hand?

Thanks, again,



Sent: Monday, September 30, 2019 2:24 PM
To: Spencer, Saranac Hale <>
Subject: RE: Reporter from

Hi Sara,

Thanks for reaching out.  Yes, we did utilize our Sentinel AI face recognition and video analytics platform on the Gigapixel mosaic and confirmed the identify of Igor Pasternak.



From: Spencer, Saranac Hale <>
Sent: Monday, September 30, 2019 2:14 PM
Subject: Reporter from

Hello –

I’m a reporter at, a U.S. fact checking organization.  A recent claim has been circulating online based, in part, on graphics with your logo on them.  Here’s a link to the story that began circulating the claim and the graphics:

I’m wondering if your company did, in fact, use facial recognition technology to identify the people indicated in the graphics. I’m particularly interested in whether or not you contributed to the image that’s attached.

You can also reach me by phone at 215-573-9195

Many thanks,



Copyright Yaacov Apelbaum 2019

46 thoughts on “How to Finance Your Congressional Campaign with Arms Sales

    • I’m an Australian following all this from Downunder.
      Thank you for your excellent work on this matter.

      It is now clear to me that the entire Democrat campaign to oust Trump from the presidency has been all about preventing attention on massive Democrat hierarchy corruption, including Uranium One.

      These —— need to keep everybody wrong-footed until Trump is gone from office and has no levers of power – not that the FBI and DOJ etc have ever helped him.

      If Mr Trump is ever deposed the whole Western democratic world loses the only person who is capable of stopping (vile) leftist takeover of The West.
      All good Americans need to hold rock-firm and back him 100 per cent all the time. Please.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Hi Niftynorm,

        I’ve taken the liberty of removing a few ‘harsher’ words in your response. I would like this forum to be civil :-)

        Thank you for your kind words. I’m trying to stay out of the political debate and just provide the facts. I’ll let the citizens of our great republic make up their own mind. But I agree in general with your observations, we tend to put too much trust in fiery social justice speeches and utopian progressive ideology and not enough on real critical issues like illegal immigration, crime, and the wide spread political and MSM corruption.

        Or as Nietzsche said, “They muddy the water, to make it seem deep.”

        I also think that you are spot on about this being just one of many Red Green Alliance projects to destabilize western society,.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Mr. Apelbaum,

    This is my first comment, but I have been reading your material for over a year now since I first found a link to “Mechanics of Deception”.

    I have question about the photograph from Yaroslav Brisiuck’s office. I did verify that is Chalupa’s name in Ukranian, but what is that sheet paper about? I take it that it is a list of names, but of what people does the list consist?


  2. Greetings again Yaccov,

    As always, thanks for the work you do in these articles. Gateway Pundit has given you a hat tip several times over the last several months. Today on this brought me here again.

    Question: I’m curious how much more traffic you’ve seen since this past April?

    I’m glad you are surfacing things from Mechanics of Deception when especially relevant. I’m wondering some kind of index might help people find things more easily?

    Also, wondering if you are working on another project similar to mechanics? I have it pinned to top of my Twitter BTW. 😁
    Something along the lines of election fraud perhaps? Connecting local players with national/international players?

    Anyways, thanks again, your information is getting out there.


  3. Greetings, noble warrior with an unstoppable pen on behalf of Truth, Mr. Apelbaum!

    I was linked to your latest politically damning ( for some politicos) post of the imbedded Ukrainian Arms dealer, Pasternak, with ties to the openly subversive democratic party here in the U.S.
    Your reports are very unique and revealing and you have my kudos to stay the course in this viscious battle ; the Truth Will Prevail !

    The only questions I have need a bit of muddy water clarification :
    Alexandra Chalupa, the Ukr. Embassy asset, has a European first name with a Hispanic surname – not clear how she fits with this embassy. Unless it is her married surname and she’s employed directly.

    Also the outrageously amazing multi zoomed video of the arms dealer Igor Pasternak located within an otherwise improbable number of 50k people crowd : Was he attempting a disguise? Why would he mix into this crowd?

    Finally are you the inventor or this program Sentinel AI? Is it for gov-corp use only or can others purchase a license to use this program ? Simply curious , it has some amazing capabilities.


    • Thanks for the kind words itsnotpersonalstrictlybusiness,

      I’m not sure where you got the “Spanish surname” part. Alexandra Chalupe uses her maiden name. This was a conscious decision as part of building her future political brand in the US and Ukraine. Her husband’s name is Jeffrey David Roof.

      She also goes by:
      – Alexandra Chalup
      – Alexanderia Chalupa
      – Alexandra Stephania Chalupa

      Her younger sister (37) goes by Andrea Chalupa, her mother (73) goes by Tanya Chalupa, and her father (74) goes by Leo Chalupa. So, again, no last name variations.

      Her side of the family is Ukrainian and still has deep political connections there. This is also the reason why she is/was active in Democratic politics and HRC’s election campaign. If it all went according to plan, it’s likely that the financial and commercial rewards for the Chalupas would have been astronomical.

      As far as the Sentinel AI, yes, I am the founder of XRVision, and this is one of our products. However, we don’t sell or offer the solution the the general public.


      • Yours is an incredible amazing AI program !

        And your ultra detailed research is second to no one, Mr Apelbaum!
        I am very glad to have linked to your site via ‘Nancy Morgan Hart’s’ “Headlines With A Voice” alt news outlet.

        I only assumed the surname Chalupa was Hispanic as that’s what it sounded like to me. In nearly 70yrs as an immigrant Ukrainian – I have NEVER heard such a Ukrainian family name ever.

        Keep up your stellar research sir!


  4. Great exposure of these organized criminals, keep it going. Someone please tell me, who is the guy on the far left in the Ukrainian Mafia poster? I see Schumer, Schiff and Pelosi, but I cannot recognize that other one. Who is it? Please!


  5. Pasternak is as a one time visitor to the White House in Feb. 2013. Together with Yao Xianni (which to the untrained eye, looks like a Chinese name and is also listed a single time) he visited Mike Olson.

    Okana Shulyar visited the WH eight times between 2015/16 and met w/the Biden at least twice. She also met w/Mike Carpenter twice; Carpenter is now senior director of the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement and is a former deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia and foreign policy advisor to Vice President Joe Biden.

    Yaroslav Brisiuck was at the WH 18 times between 2014 and 2016, meeting w/Biden 4 times and Carpenter 6 times as well as being listed in 2 POTUS confabs.

    Alexandra Chalupa’s white house visitor history is interesting. One visit in 2011 and then nothing until the spring of 2014 (3 visits) and then two visits in 2015.

    WH visitors:


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